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Volume 5, Number 1 - Fall, 1995
Volume 5, Number 2 - Spring, 1996

Published by
Rutgers-The State University                       University of Pennsylvania
18 Seminary Place                                  619 Williams Hall
New Brunswick, NJ 08903                            Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305
USA                                                USA

Here we are in the fifth year of the newsletter. As you may notice, we have combined the Fall and Spring issues again. Given the amount of contributions and our other commitments, this seems to be the optimal solution. However, we are keeping the format of separate issues just in case we find we have enough material for two issues and the time to process it.

You will also notice that the annual SALA conference is in Delhi this year. Though this is a welcome change, we hope that universities in the US will be able to host SALA in '98. Please let us know of this or other announcements which you think will be of interest to South Asianists. Thanks to all of you who sent in contributions. We hope you will continue to do so -- the more information we have about work in the field the better for all of us.

We are considering starting an ftp/web archive site where papers/ manuscripts on SASSN related topics could be kept and made widely accessible. If you would like to make your paper listed here, please send email to for further information. Ideally, we would prefer URL links, but if that is not feasible for someone, we will accept postscript files/ WORD disks.

Rajesh Bhatt
Tue Jan 21 17:38:40 EST 1997