Alumni with a Masters Degree

This is a list of alumni who have earned a Masters Degree. Click on a column heading to sort by year, name, or dissertation title. Click again to reverse the order.

Year Name Thesis Title
2024 Sophie Faircloth Sarcasm socially contextualized: How socio-indexical information modulates the evaluation of pragmatic behavior
2023 Karen Li The acquisition of complementizer variation: Null C in English-speaking children
2023 Ruicong Sun The Role of Theory of Mind in Interpreting Indirect Speech Acts
2021 Jia Tian The Phonetic Properties of the Non-Modal Phonation in Shanghainese
2020 Jennifer Arlin The Polarity of English Deontic Modal Verbs: A Diachronic Study
2018 Jingjing Tan Predicting the / N-L / merger in Chinese dialects
2017 Edward Rider Bezerra Individual working memory and word recognition within a hybrid model of lexical representation
2016 Haitao Cai Homogeneity, uniformity and the mass/count conversion
2015 Jacob Kaufman Optimal Underspecification: Accounting for the Vowels of Biblical Hebrew
2013 Jana Beck The Semantics of the Classical Greek Modal Particle (an)
2012 Satoshi Nambu Case Alteration and Grammar
2011 Lydia Rieck Preterite Substitution in English: A Case Study of Morphosyntactic Variation and Change.
2011 Stephanie Brody Transmissions of Philadelphia Short-A: The Changing Gravity of "Planets".
2006 Sandhya Sundaresan On Verbal Alternations in Tamil Ditransitives
2004 Jean-François Mondon The old Irish verbal conjugation: A distributed morphology analysis.
2002 Saranya Saha Bengali doubled words used as adjectives and adverbs: Merging of onomatopoetic and non-onomatopoetic forms.
2000 Suzanne Labelle Language revitalization and Welsh: The sociolinguistics of a Yes or No question.
1998 Clarissa Surek-Clark Leite Quente Da Dor De Dente: Dialect Acquisition and Prestige in Brazilian Portugues.
1997 Jennifer Sheffield The Epicene Pronouns: What Can "They" Do in English?
1990 Gayla Iwata-Reuyl Multilingual interactions, language perception, and the Haitian Creole tense-mood-aspect system