This page contains the following lists of Penn faculty affiliated with our undergraduate and graduate linguistics programs:

You can find other faculty with linguistics-related interests through the Integrated Language Sciences and Technology (ILST) initiative.

Linguistics Core Faculty

Portrait of Marlyse Baptista

Marlyse Baptista

President's Distinguished Professor of Linguistics Language Contact and Cognition, Pidgins and Creoles, Theories of Language Emergence, Bilingualism, L2 and L3/Ln Acquisition, Syntactic Theory, Psycholinguistic Research on Processes of Language Contact (Ph.D., Harvard, 1997)

(215) 898-3212

Room 319-C, Third Floor, 3401-C Walnut St.Read Bio

A headshot of Gene Buckley

Eugene Buckley

Associate Professor Formal phonology, phonology-morphology interaction, phonological explanation, Native American and Ethio-Semitic linguistics (Ph.D., Berkeley, 1992)

(215) 898-2834

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David Embick

Professor Syntax, morphology, syntax/morphology interface, neurolinguistics (Ph.D., Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1997)

(215) 573-5965

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Univ. of Penn Shield

Paloma Jeretic

Assistant Professor Semantics and Pragmatics and their interfaces with Syntax (Ph.D., New York University, 2021)

(215) 746-7397

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A headshot of Jianjing Kuang

Jianjing Kuang

Associate Professor Phonetics, Laboratory phonology, Speech production and perception. (Ph.D. UCLA, 2013)


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Photo of Julie Legate

Julie Anne Legate

Professor; Department Chair Syntax, morphology, syntax-morphology interface, language acquisition (PhD, MIT, 2002)


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A headshot of Mark Liberman

Mark Liberman

Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Linguistics Phonetics, prosody, natural language processing, speech communication (Ph.D., MIT, 1975) Director - Linguistic Data Consortium


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Rolf Noyer

Rolf Noyer

Associate Professor Theoretical phonology, morphology, morphosyntax, generative metrics; Huave, Mansi. (Ph.D., MIT, 1992)

(215) 573-9232

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Anna Photo

Anna Papafragou

Professor Experimental semantics and pragmatics, language acquisition, language and cognition (Ph.D., University College London, 1998)


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A headshot of Don Ringe

Don Ringe

Professor Historical linguistics, Indo-European, morphology (Ph.D., Yale, 1984)

(215) 898-7472

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Gareth Roberts

Gareth Roberts

Associate Professor Language evolution, language change, language variation, cultural evolution, experimental semiotics, social interaction. (Ph.D., Univ. of Edinburgh, 2010)


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A headshot of Kathryn Schuler

Kathryn Schuler

Assistant Professor Language Acquisition (Ph.D; Georgetown University, 2017)


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A headshot of Florian Schwarz

Florian Schwarz

Professor; Undergraduate Chair Formal semantics and pragmatics, semantic and pragmatic processing (Ph.D., U Mass, 2009) Member of the Graduate Group in Psychology


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A headshot of Meredith Tamminga

Meredith Tamminga

Associate Professor; Graduate Chair Language variation and change, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics. (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2014)


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Charles Yang

Professor Language acquisition, language change, computational linguistics, morphology, psycholinguistics (Ph.D., MIT, 2000) Director of Undergraduate Studies in Cognitive Science


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Associated Faculty and Lecturers


Asif Agha

Professor and Department Chair of Anthropology Sino-Tibetan and Indo-Aryan linguistics; semiotics; discourse analysis; social theory (Ph.D. Chicago, 1990)

(215) 898-4110

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Sunghye Cho Photo

Sunghye Cho

Assistant Research Professor

Linguistic Data Consortium
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Aletheia Cui

Lecturer (PhD in Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania, 2020)

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Dahan new photo

Delphine Dahan

Associate Professor, Psychology Psycholinguistics, spoken-language comprehension, lexical representation and processing (Ph.D., Paris La Sorbonne René Descartes, 1994)


Room 253, Levin Building
425 S. University Ave.
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Jami on a balcony

Jami Fisher

Senior Lecturer (Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2014) American Sign Language Program Director


Room 345-C, Third Floor, 3401-C Walnut St.Read Bio

Audrey Mbeje Photo

Audrey Mbeje

Lecturer in Foreign Languages Director of the African Language Program at Penn

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A headshot of Gerald Prince

Gerald Prince

Professor, Romance Languages Narratology (Ph.D. Brown, 1968)


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A headshot of Timothy Roberts

Timothy Roberts

Adjunct Professor; primary appointment: Professor, Dept of Radiology, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia neurolinguistics; neuroimaging; auditory processing of language; language and autism (Ph.D., Cambridge, 1991)


Wood Building, Children's Hospital of PhiladelphiaRead Bio

A headshot of Dan Swingley

Daniel Swingley

Professor, Psychology Psycholinguistics, word recognition and lexical representation in infants and young children (Ph.D., Stanford, 1997)


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Stephen J. Tinney

Clark Research Associate Professor of Assyriology, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations Sumerian; Mesopotamian language and literature. (Ph.D., Michigan) Director, Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary ProjectAssociate Curator, Babylonian Section, Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

215 898-7467

Room 231, Babylonian Section, University MuseumRead Bio


John Trueswell

Professor of Psychology Language processing, eye movements in reading, visual perception (Ph.D., Rochester, 1993) Director of Graduate Studies in PsychologyDirector of IGERT Language and Communication Program

Office: (215) 898-0911; Lab: (215) 898-0327

Room 254, Levin Building, 425 S. University Ave.Read Bio


Greg Urban

Arthur Hobson Quinn Professor of Anthropology Linguistic and cultural anthropology; metaculture; cultural motion; public sphere processes; world cultures; corporations and culture; business anthropology; Amerindian cultures; Brazil, U.S. (Ph.D. Chicago, 1978)

215 898-0895

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Scott Weinstein

Professor, Department of Philosophy Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Cognitive Science (Ph.D. Rockefeller University, 1975) Director, Logic, Information, and Computation Program, School of Arts and SciencesSecondary Appointments: Department of Mathematics, Department of Computer and Information Science

(215) 898-8563

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Retired Faculty

A headshot of George Cardona

George Cardona

Professor Emeritus, Linguistics and South Asia Studies Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indian grammatical theory

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Robin Clark

Professor Emeritus, Linguistics Applications of Game Theory to natural language; Evolution and Dynamics; General Stuff, (Ph.D., UCLA, 1985)

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William Labov

John H. & Margaret B. Fassitt Professor of Linguistics (Retired) Sociolinguistics, language change, speech perception and production, research on reading (Ph.D., Columbia, 1964)

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Mitch Marcus

Professor Emeritus, RCA Professor of Artificial Intelligence Natural language processing, corpus-based and statistical models for NLP (Ph.D., MIT, 1976)

(215) 898-2538

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Gillian E. Sankoff

Professor of Linguistics (retired) Sociolinguistics, pidgins and creoles, language change and development (Ph.D., McGill, 1968)

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A headshot of Beatrice Santorini

Beatrice Santorini

Senior Fellow (Retired) Syntax, Germanic linguistics, language change (Ph.D., Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1989)

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