Undergraduate Requirements Fulfilled By Linguistics Courses

The following table indicates the undergraduate course requirements fulfilled by linguistics department classes.

  If you are in the...  
Course Class of 2009

or earlier

Class of 2010

or later

LING 102: Intro to Sociolinguistics Gen Req. I

Quantitative Data Analysis

Sector I

Quantitative Data Analysis

LING 057: Language and Popular Culture Distrib. I (none)
LING 319: Topics in Dravidian Linguistics Distrib. I (none)
LING 115: Writing Systems Gen Req. II Sector II
LING 110: Intro to Language Change Gen Req. II Sector II
LING 054: Bilingualism in History Distrib. II (none)
LING 160: Intro to African American and Latino English Distrib. II (none)
LING 161: Sociolinguistics of Reading Distrib. I (none)
LING 103: Lang Structure and Verbal Art Gen Req. III Sector III
LING 470: Narrative Analysis Distrib. III (none)
LING 105: Intro to Cognitive Science Gen Req. IV Formal Reasoning and Analysis
LING 106: Intro to Formal Linguistics Gen Req. IV Formal Reasoning and Analysis
LING 001: Introduction to Linguistics Gen Req. V Sector VII