Doctoral Alumni

This is a list of doctoral alumni since 1988. Click on a column heading to sort by year, name, or dissertation title. Click again to reverse the order.

Recent dissertations are available in open access format here

Year Name Dissertation Title
2024 Aini Li Inferring dynamics of sociolinguistic variation in speech perception
2023 Ollie Sayeed f vs θ
2023 Lefteris Paparounas Voice from syntax to syncretism
2023 Alexandros Kalomoiros Presupposition and its (A-)symmetries
2023 Yiran Chen Regularization and probabilistic learning in the acquisition of linguistic variation
2023 Ryan Budnick Learning Grammar Distributions with Limited Feedback
2022 Nikita Bezrukov Caucasus In Motion: Dynamic Wordhood And Morpheme Positioning In Armenian And Beyond
2021 Yosiane White The Processing and Mental Representation of ING Variation
2021 Caitlin Richter Alternation-Sensitive Phoneme Learning: Implications For Children’s Development And Language Change
2021 Ruaridh Purse The Role of Morphological Structure in Phonetic Variation
2021 Wei Lai The Online Adjustment of Speaker-Specific Phonetic Beliefs in Mulit-Speaker Speech Perception
2021 Spencer Caplan The Immediacy of Linguistic Computation
2021 Faruk Akkus (Implicit) Argument Introduction, Voice and Causatives
2020 Hong Zhang The Distribution of Disfluencies in Spontaneous Speech: Empirical Observations and Theoretical Implications
2020 David Wilson A Concatenative Analysis of Diachronic Afro-Asiatic Morphology
2020 Lacey Wade The Linguistic and the Social Intertwined: Linguistic Convergence Toward Southern Speech
2020 Milena Šereikaitė Voice and Case Phenomena in Lithuanian morphosyntax
2020 Jordan Kodner Language Acquisition in the Past
2020 Taylor Jones Variation and African American English: The Great Migration and Regional Differentiation
2020 Aletheia Cui The Emergence of Phonological Categories
2020 Ava Creemers Morphological Processing and the Effects of Semantic Transparency
2020 Andrea Ceolin Functionalism, Lexical Contrast and Sound Change
2019 Ava Irani Learning From Positive Evidence: The Acquisition of Verb Argument Structure
2019 Aaron Freeman Rhotic Emphasis and Uvularization in Moroccan Arabic
2019 Kajsa Djaerv Factive and Assertive Attitude Reports
2019 Nattanun Chanchaochai Language Profiles of Thai Children with Autism: Lexical, Grammatical, and Pragmatic Factors
2019 Luke Adamson Derivational Trapping and The Morphosyntax of Inflectionlessness
2018 Betsy Sneller Mechanisms of Phonological Change
2018 Robert Wilder Investigating Hybrid Models of Speech Perception
2018 Soohyun Kwon The development of glide deletion in Seoul Korean: A corpus and articulatory study
2018 Amy Goodwin Davies Morphological representations in lexical processing
2018 Sabriya Fisher Variation and change in past tense negation in African American English
2018 Mao-Hsu Chen Tone Sandhi Phenomena in Taiwan Southern Min
2018 Helen Jeoung Optional Elements in Indonesian Morphosyntax
2018 Gudrun Gylfadottir The Effective Borrowing of a Phonemic Contrast
2017 Einar Sigurdsson Deriving case, agreement and voice phenomena in syntax.
2017 Hezekiah Akiva Bacovcin Parameterising Germanic ditransitive variation: a historical-comparative study
2017 Gayeon Son Interactive development of FO as an acoustic cue for Korean stop contrast
2017 Sunghye Cho Development of Pitch Contrast and Seoul Korean Intonation
2016 Marielle Lerner The aquisition of sociolinguistic variation in a Mexican immigrant community
2016 Hilary Prichard The Role of Higher Education in Linguistic Change
2016 Anton Ingason Realizing morphemes in the Icelandic noun phrase
2015 Chris Ahern Cycles and Stability in Linguistic Signaling
2015 Yong-cheol Lee Prosodic Focus Within and Across Languages
2015 Kobey Shwayder Words and Subwords: Phohology in a Piece-Based Syntactic Morphology
2015 Aaron Ecay A Multi-Step Analysis of the Evolution of English Do-Support
2014 Lauren Friedman The St. Louis Corridor: Mixing, Competing, and Retreating Dialects
2014 Meredith Tamminga Persistence in the Production of Linguistic Variation
2014 Brittany McLaughlin Animacy in Morphosyntactic Variation
2014 Dimka Atanassov Processing Strategies for Scalar Implicatures
2013 Toni Cook Morphological and Phonological Structure in Zulu Reduplication
2013 Josef Fruehwald The Phonological Influence on Phonetic Change
2013 Yanyan Sui Phonological and Phonetic Evidence for Trochaic Metrical Structure in Standard Chinese.
2013 Kyle Gorman Generative Phonotactics
2013 Jon Scott Stevens Information Structure, Grammar & Strategy in Discourse.
2012 Caitlin R. Light The Syntax and Pragmatics of Fronting in Germanic.
2012 Giang Huong Nguyen Vietnamese Vowel System.
2012 Laurel MacKenzie Locating Variation Above the Phonology.
2012 Catherine Lai Rises all the way up: The interpretation of prosody, discourse attitudes and dialogue structure
2011 Aviad Eilam Explorations in the Informational Component
2011 Ariel Diertani Morpheme Boundaries and Structural Change: Affixes Running Amok
2010 Joshua Tauberer Learning [voice]
2010 Jonathan Gress-Wright Opacity and transparency in phonological change
2010 Lucas Champollion Parts of a Whole: Distributivity as a Bridge Between Aspect and Measurement
2009 Joel Wallenberg Antisymmetry and the Conservation of C-Command: Scrambling and Phrase Structure in Synchronic and Diachronic Perspective
2009 Maya Ravindranath Language Shift and the Speech Community: Sociolinguistic Change in a Garifuna Community in Belize
2009 Jean-François Mondon The Nature of Homophony and its Effects on Diachrony and Synchrony
2009 Laia Mayol Pronouns in Catalan: Information, Discourse and Strategy
2009 Michael Friesner The Social and Linguistic Predictors of the Outcomes of Borrowing in the Speech Community of Montreal
2009 Keelan Evanini The Permeability of Dialect Boundaries: A Case Study of the Region Surrounding Erie, Pennsylvania
2009 Aaron Dinkin Dialect Boundaries and Phonological Change in Upstate New York
2008 Suzanne Wagner Linguistic Change and Stabilization in the Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood
2008 Augustin Speyer Topicalization and Clash Avoidance. On the Interaction of Prosody and Syntax in the History of English with a Few Spotlights on German
2008 Tatjana Scheffler Semantic Operators in Different Dimensions
2008 Marjorie Pak The Postsyntactic Derivation and its Phonological Reflexes
2008 Yoon-kyoung Joh Plurality and Distributivity
2008 Damien Hall A Sociolinguistic Study of the Regional French of Normandy
2008 Lukasz Abramowicz Socioeconomic Aspects of Linguistic Variation in Polish
2007 Jonathan Wright Laryngeal Contrast in Seoul Korean
2007 Daniel Johnson Stability and Change Along a Dialect Boundary: The Low Vowels of Southeastern New England
2007 Jinyoung Choi Free Choice and Negative Polarity: A Compositional Analysis of Korean Polarity Sensitive Items
2007 Sudha Arunachalam Early Verb Representations
2006 Sophia Malamud Semantics and Pragmatics of Arbitrariness
2006 Ian Ross Games Interlocutors Play: New Adventures in Compositionality and Conversational Implicature
2006 Sergio Romero Sociolinguistic variation and linguistic history in Mayan: the case of K’ichee’
2006 Na-Rae Han Korean Zero Pronouns: Analysis and Resolution
2006 Michelle Fox Usage-Based Effects in Latin American Spanish Syllable-Final /s/ Lentition
2006 Susan Das The Banarasi Bhojpuri Verb System
2006 Maciej Baranowski Phonological Variation and Change in the Dialect of Charleston, SC
2005 Alan W. Lee Tone patterns of Kelantan Hokkien and Related Issues in Southern Min Tonology
2005 Alexander Williams Complex Causatives and Verbal Valence
2005 Victoria Tredinnick On the Semantics of Free Relatives With -Ever
2005 Tara Sanchez Constraints on Structural Borrowing in a Multilingual Contact Situation
2005 Thomas Morton Sociolinguistic variation and language change in El Palenque de San Basilio, Colombia
2005 Jeff Conn Of “Moice” and Men: The Evolution of a Male-Led Sound Change
2005 Anne Charity Dialect Variation in School Settings Among African-American Children of Low Socioeconomic Status
2004 Kimiko Nakanishi Domains of Measurement: Formal Properties of Non-Split/Split Quantifier Constructions
2004 Thomas McFadden The Position of Morphological Case in the Derivation: A Study on the Syntax-Morphology Interface
2003 Kieran Snyder The Relationship Between Form and Function in Ditransitive Constructions
2003 John Schultz Term Selection for Information Retrieval Applications
2003 Rashmi Prasad Constraints on the Generation of Referring Expressions, with Special Reference to Hindi
2003 Elise Morse-Gagne Viking Pronouns in England: Charting the Course of They, Their, and Them
2003 Eleni Miltsakaki The Syntax-Discourse Interface: Effects of the Main-Subordinate Distinction on Attention Structure
2003 Elsi Kaiser The Quest for a Referent: A Crosslinguistic Look at Reference Resolution
2003 Katherine Forbes Discourse Semantics of S-Modifying Adverbials
2003 Cassandra Creswell Syntactic Form and Discourse Function in Natural Language Generation
2002 Mary O'Malley Madec From the Centre to the Edge: The Social Contours and Linguistic Outcomes of Contact with English in an Irish Core and Peripheral Community
2002 Megumi Kobayashi A Quantitative Study of Accent Change and Variation in Tokyo Japanese: Focusing on Adjective and Nouns
2002 Eon-Suk Ko The Phonology and Phonetics of Word Level Prosody and its Interaction With Phrase Level Prosody: A Study of Korean in Comparison to English
2002 Paul Kingsbury The Chronology of the Pali Canon: The Case of the Aorists
2002 Ronald Kim Topics in the Reconstruction and Development of Indo-European Accent
2001 Anita Henderson Is Your Money Where Your Mouth Is? Hiring Managers' Attitudes Toward African-American Vernacular English
2001 Sean Crist Conspiracy In Historical Phonology
2000 Amanda Seidl Minimal Indirect Reference: A Theory Of The Syntax-Phonology Interface
2000 Roumyana Pancheva-Izvorski Free Relatives And Related Matters
2000 Christine Moisset Variable Liaison In Parisian French
2000 Hikyoung Lee Korean Americans As Speakers Of English: The Acquisition Of General And Regional Features
2000 Masato Kobayashi Historical Phonology Of Old Indo-Aryan Consonants
2000 Alexis Dimitriadis Beyond Identity: Topics in Pronominal and Reciprocal Anaphora
2000 David Bowie The Effect Of Geographic Mobility On The Retention Of A Local Dialect
2000 Nadia Biassou The Neural Encoding Of Lexical Perception In The Human Cortex: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
1999 Rajesh Bhatt Covert Modality In Non-Finite Contexts
1998 Laura Wagner The Semantics and Acquisition of Time in Languge
1998 Bruce Nevin Aspects of Pit River Phonology
1998 Corey Miller Pronunciation Modeling in Speech Synthesis
1998 Beth Hockey The Interpretation and Realization of Focus: An Experimental Investigation or Focus in English and Hungarian
1998 Chung-hye Han The Structure and Interpretation of Imperatives: Mood and Force in Universal Grammar
1998 Christine Doran Incorporating Punctuation into the Sentence Grammar: A Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammar Perspective
1997 David Embick Voice and the Interfaces of Syntax.
1997 Miriam Meyerhoff "Be I No Gat": Constraints on Null Subjects in Bislama
1997 Lou Matossian Burglars, Babysitters, and Persons: A Sociolinguistic Study of Generic Pronoun usage in Philadelphia and Minneapolis
1997 Soonhyun Hong Prosodic Domains and Ambisyllabicity in Optimality Theory
1997 Carmen Fought The English and Spanish of Young Adult Chicanos
1997 Charles Boberg Variation and Change in the Nativization of Foreign (a) in English
1996 Naomi Nagy Language Contact and Language Change in the Faetar Speech Community
1996 Chang-Bong Lee Conditionals as a Discourse-Bound Entity: Pragmatics of Korean Conditionals
1996 Arturs Karins The Prosodic Structure of Latvian
1996 Mark Karan The Dynamics of Language Spread: A Study of the Motivations and the Social Determinants of the Spread of Sango in the Republic of Central Africa
1996 Shi-Zhe Huang Quantification and Predication in Mandarin Chinese: A Case Study of Dou
1996 Elizabeth Dayton Grammatical Categories of the Verb in African American Vernacular English
1996 Sharon Cote Grammatical and Discourse Properties of Null Arguments in English
1995 Ekaterina Zubritskaya The Categorical and Variable Phonology of Russian
1995 Umit Turan Null vs. Overt Subjects in Turkish Discourse: A Centering Analysis
1995 Kenjiro Matsuda Variable Zero-Marking of (0) in Tokyo Japanese
1995 Richard Lungstrum Switch-Reference and the Structure of Lakhota Narrative Discourse
1995 Jeong-Hwa Kim Linguistic Variation and Territorial Functioning: A Study of the Korean Honorific System
1995 Shengli Feng Prosodic Structure and Prosodically Constrained Syntax in Chinese
1995 Seo-Young Chae External Constraints on Sound Change: The Raising of /o/ in Seoul Korean
1994 Julie Roberts Acquisition of Variable Rules: (-t, d) Deletion and (ing) Production in Preschool Children
1994 William Reynolds Variation and Phonological Theory
1994 Julie Auger Pronominal Clitics in Quebec Colloquial French: A Morphological Analysis
1993 Linda Maisel Variation in Q'eqchi' (Q'eqchi' Mayan): Four compound deictic forms and their role in structuring discourse
1993 Young-Suk Lee Scrambling As Case-Driven Obligatory Movement
1993 Josep Fontana Phrase Structure And The Syntax Of Clitics In The History Of Spanish
1992 Peter Patrick Linguistic Variation In Urban Jamaican Creole: A Sociolinguistic Study Of Kingston, Jamaica
1992 Margaret Moser The Negation Relation: Semantic And Pragmatic Aspects Of A Relational Analysis Sentential Negation
1992 Richard Cameron Pronominal and Null Subject Variation in Spanish: Constraints, Dialects, and Functional Compensation
1991 Otto Santa Ana Phonetic Simplification Processes in the English of the Barrio: A Cross-Generational Sociolinguistic Study of the Chicanos of Los Angeles
1991 Susan Pintzuk Phrase Structures In Competition: Variation And Change In Old English Word Order.
1991 Rosemary Kauffman Parking Court: A Linguistic Analysis Of Instrumental Adaptation To Addressee, Time, Adversary, And Identity
1991 Caroline Heycock Layers Of Predication: The Non-Lexical Syntax Of Clauses
1991 Niloofar Haeri Sociolinguistic Variation In Cairene Arabic: Palatalization And The Qaf In The Speech Of Men And Women
1991 Robert Belnap Grammatical Agreement Variation In Cairene Arabic
1991 Catherine Ball The Historical Development Of The It-Cleft
1991 Raffaella Zanuttini Syntactic Properties Of Sentential Negation. A Comparative Study Of Romance Languages.
1991 Shobha Satyanath Variation And Change: (Daz) In Guyanese.
1991 Thomas Veatch English Vowels: Their Surface Phonology And Phonetic Implementation In Vernacular Dialects
1990 Ann Taylor Clitics and Configurationality in Ancient Greek.
1990 Robin Sabino Towards a Phonology of Negerhollands: An Analysis of Phonological Variation.
1990 Ruth Herold Mechanisms Of Merger: The Implementation And Distribution Of The Low Back Merger In Eastern Pennsylvania.
1990 Enric Vallduvi The Informational Component
1990 Asha Tickoo On Preposing and Word Order Rigidity.
1989 Beatrice Santorini The Generalization Of The Verb-Second Constraint In The History Of Yiddish