June Choe, Xin Gao, and May Chan pass their proposal defenses!

Three PhD students passed their proposal defenses this Spring. May Chan, supervised by Jianjing Kuang, successfully defended her dissertation proposal entitled "Pitch-dependent variation in vowel production and perception: Revisiting the source-filter theory” on April 22. Her committee included Mark Liberman and Meredith Tamminga, and was chaired by Eugene Buckley Xin Gao, supervised by Mark Liberman, successfully defended her dissertation proposal entitled "Conversational and compositional pressure on silent pause in spontaneous and read speech” on May 7. Her committee included Meredith Tamminga and Rolf Noyer and was chaired by Gareth Roberts. June Choe, supervised by Anna Papafragou, successfully defended his dissertation proposal entitled "Acquiring words beyond the basic level” on May 13. His committee included Kathryn Schuler and Florian Schwarz and was chaired by Charles Yang.