Speaker Series

The Linguistics Speaker Series is a series of invited talks, organized each semester by the grad students in the Penn Department of Linguistics. We invite students and professors from various subfields and various universities to speak about their current research. All talks are open to the greater Penn linguistics community.

The Spring 2017 Speaker Series is coordinated by Yosiane White.


Talks are held on Friday afternoons in Room 401 of Fisher-Bennett Hall (3340 Walnut Street). 

Announcements of talks are posted below and send to the Penguists mailing list.

1:30-2:30 Talk
2:30-3:00 Q&A Period
Speakers for Spring 2017:

April 7th: David Lightfoot - Georgetown University
April 21st: Arthur Samuel - Stony Brook University 
April 28th: Andries Coetzee - University of Michigan
Speakers for Fall 2016:

September 16th: Abby Walker  (Sociolinguistics, Phonetics) - Virginia Tech.
September 30th: Željko Bošković (Syntax) - U-Conn 
October 21st: Mark Aronoff (Morphology) - Stony Brook
November 11th: Roger Schwarzschild (Semantics) - MIT
November 18th: Karlos Arregi (Syntax, Morphology) - U-Chicago
December 9th: Robert Berwick (Computational Linguistics) - MIT 
Speakers for Spring 2016:

March 31st: Aaron Rubin (Historical Ling) - Penn State
April 7th: Mark Tiede (Phonetics) - Haskins
April 14th: Rajesh Bhatt (Syntax/Semantics) - UMass
April 21st: Valentine Hacquard (Semantics/Pragmatics/Syntax) - University of Maryland 
May 5th: Angelika Kratzer (Semantics) - UMass
Speakers for Fall 2015:
October 1st: Richard Kayne (Syntax) - NYU
October 15th: Norvin Richards (Syntax) - MIT
November 5th: Abby Cohn (Phonology, Phonetics) - Cornell University
November 19th: Neil Myler (Morphology, Syntax) - BU
December 3rd: Andrea Beltrama (Semantics, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics) - University of Chicago
Speakers for Spring 2015:
January 22nd:  Maria Gouskova; NYU
January 29th:  Elizabeth Zsiga; Georgetown
February 19th:  Susan Fischer; CUNY
February 26th:  Lisa Green; UMass
March 26th:  Raffaella Zanuttini; Yale
April 23rd:  Bill Haddican; CUNY
Speakers for Fall 2014:

September 11th: Gaurav Mathur (Sign language) - Gallaudet University
October 16th: Susi Wurmbrand (Syntax) - University of Connecticut
October 30th: Joseph Eska (Historical) - Virginia Tech
November 13th: Walt Wolfram (Sociolinguistics) - North Carolina State University
November 20th: Andrea Calabrese (Morphology/Phonology) - University of Connecticut
December 4th: Sarah Murray (Semantics/Pragmatics) - Cornell University