This page contains the following lists of Penn faculty affiliated with our undergraduate and graduate linguistics programs:

For other faculty with interests in linguistics and related areas, please consult the list of faculty affiliated with the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science.

Linguistics Department Faculty

Other Faculty in the Linguistics Graduate Group

  • Asif Agha

    Professor and Department Chair of Anthropology
    Sino-Tibetan and Indo-Aryan linguistics; semiotics; discourse analysis; social theory (Ph.D. Chicago, 1990)
  • Delphine Dahan

    Associate Professor, Psychology
    Psycholinguistics, spoken-language comprehension, lexical representation and processing (Ph.D., Paris La Sorbonne René Descartes, 1994)
  • Gerald Prince

    Professor, Romance Languages
    Narratology (Ph.D. Brown, 1968)
  • Daniel Swingley

    Professor, Psychology
    Psycholinguistics, word recognition and lexical representation in infants and young children (Ph.D., Stanford, 1997)
  • Stephen J. Tinney

    Clark Research Associate Professor of Assyriology, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations
    Sumerian; Mesopotamian language and literature. (Ph.D., Michigan)
  • John Trueswell

    Professor of Psychology
    Language processing, eye movements in reading, visual perception (Ph.D., Rochester, 1993)
  • Greg Urban

    Arthur Hobson Quinn Professor of Anthropology
    Linguistic and cultural anthropology; metaculture; cultural motion; public sphere processes; world cultures; corporations and culture; business anthropology; Amerindian cultures; Brazil, U.S. (Ph.D. Chicago, 1978)
  • Scott Weinstein

    Professor, Department of Philosophy
    Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Cognitive Science (Ph.D. Rockefeller University, 1975)

Retired Faculty