Kashaya Vocabulary Lists

This page provides links to a number of web pages that contain sounds files and images for Kashaya words in particular categories of meaning. These sound files were originally created for use in Android apps for learning about the language, but are provided in this web format so anyone with a browser can get access to them.

You can see all the words together on one long page here, but this works best on a computer rather than a smartphone. Even on a computer, I have found that sometimes not all the buttons work, but if I quit my browser and restart, that generally fixes the problem. This is the best way to sort by speaker name, for example, to find all the words spoken by a particular person.

On a smartphone, or if you're having trouble with the long list, you can view the words in smaller chunks on these pages.

On each page, click the button under Kashaya to hear the word pronounced by the person whose name is given to the right. Click on a column header to sort by that column.

This page was prepared by Gene Buckley; see more Kashaya language resources here.