South Asian Syntax and Semantics Newsletter

The South Asian Syntax and Semantics Newsletter was published roughly from 1993 to 1998 and was compiled by Veneeta Dayal, Rutgers University and Rajesh Bhatt, University of Pennsylvania.

The South Asian Syntax and Semantics Newsletter was designed to enhance communication between researchers and to facilitate the distribution of current work on syntax and semantics. It was published biannually and included news and announcements, lists of recent papers as well as annotated bibliographies on specific subjects, and author-written abstracts of recent work (one page or less for dissertations; half page or less for articles).

The newsletter covered work in generative syntax, such as Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar, Lexical Functional Grammar, Relational Grammar, Extended Standard Theory (including Government and Binding Theory, and Minimalism) and other varieties of generativist syntax. It also covered work in formal semantics, where "formal semantics" includes any version of model-theoretic, truth conditional semantics such as Montague Grammar, Discourse Representation Theory, Situation Semantics etc. In addition, it also covered work that does not explicitly adopt a generative approach but deals with syntactic and semantic issues.

Archived Issues