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  • The Cambridge University Press / NWAV Prize for Best Student Paper Presentation: This prize, given in honor of the late Charles Ferguson of Stanford University, will be awarded by a vote of the attendees. This award is generously sponsored by Cambridge University Press.
  • Prize for Best Student Poster Presentation: This prize will also be awarded by a vote of the attendees.
  • Proceedings: Selected papers will be published in the Penn Working Papers in Linguistics. Proceedings from past NWAV(E) conferences are also available for sale.
  • NWAV 37 will take place at Rice, Nov. 6-9, 2008.

11 am-6 pm

REGISTRATION (Jon M Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut St., Walnut St. entrance)

6 pm-7 pm

REGISTRATION (JMHH Locust Walk entrance)

11:45 am-6:15 pm


11:45 am-1:45 pm

The Analysis of Vowel Systems with Plotnik 09 [description]
(Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, 3401 Walnut St., room #470)

William Labov,
University of Pennsylvania
Finding a needle in a haystack: Using annotated corpora for linguistic research [description]
(Goldstein Electronic Classroom, Van Pelt Library)

Anthony Kroch & Beatrice Santorini,
University of Pennsylvania

New Ways of Analyzing Verbal Aspect [description]
(Linguistics Laboratory, 3700 Market St., Suite 300)

James Walker,
York University

2 pm-4 pm

Morphosyntactic variation: Theory and methods [description]
(Linguistics Laboratory, 3700 Market St., Suite 300)

Jeffrey Parrott, University of Cyprus and
Lukasz Abramowicz, University of Pennsylvania
Linguistic profiling and ear-witness testimony: Empirical and experimental insights [description]
(Linguistic Data Consortium, 3600 Market St., Suite 810)

John Baugh,
Washington University in St. Louis

Toward best practices in sociophonetics [description]
(Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, 3401 Walnut St., room #470)

Marianna Di Paolo, University of Utah
Malcah Yaeger-Dror, University of Arizona

4:15 pm-6:15 pm

Operationalizing linguistic gratuity: From principles to programs [description]
(Linguistic Data Consortium, 3600 Market St., Suite 810)

Walt Wolfram, Jeffrey Reaser, and Charlotte Vaughn
North Carolina State University
Variation in sign languages: Methodological and analytical issues [description]
(Linguistics Laboratory, 3700 Market St., Suite 300)

Ceil Lucas, Gallaudet University,
Bob Bayley, University of California at Davis and
Joseph Hill, Gallaudet University

Two things sociolinguists should know: Software packages for vowel normalization, and accessing linguistic atlas data [description]
(Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, 3401 Walnut St., room #470)

Erik Thomas, North Carolina State University,
Tyler Kendall, North Carolina State University and
Malcah Yaeger-Dror, University of Arizona

7:30 pm

PLENARY ADDRESS: Stability and change over four and a half centuries of real time (JMHH Colloquium Hall, 8th floor)
Shana Poplack, University of Ottawa [abstract]

9:00 pm

RECEPTION (JMHH East Hall, 8th floor)
Sponsored by Cambridge University Press

8:15 am-6 pm

REGISTRATION (JMHH Locust Walk entrance)

8:30-9:30 am


9 am-6 pm





Phonetic variation in South America

Chair: Thomas Morton, Temple University


Chair: Gunnel Tottie, University of Zürich

Age-related patterns

Chair: Julie Roberts, University of Vermont

9:00 am

Sociolinguistic correlates and phonetic characteristics of unstressed vowel reduction in Cusco, Peru [abstract]
Ann Marie Delforge
Ne-deletion in Picard and in regional French: Evidence for distinct grammars [abstract]
Julie Auger & Anne-José Villeneuve

New ways of analyzing African American English: Examining the speech of adolescent girls in Washington, DC [abstract]
Tyler Kendall, Christine Mallinson & Kaye Whitehead

9:25 am

Diph-, monoph-, and other thongs from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [abstract]
Michael Colley
Pas vs. Point: Variation in Baie Sainte-Marie Acadian French [abstract]
Philip Comeau

Patterns of age-based linguistic variation in American English [abstract]
Federica Barbieri

9:50 am

The palatalization of dental stops in Brazilian Portuguese and social networks [abstract]
Elisa Battisti, Adalberto Ayjara Dornelles Filho, João Ignacio Pires Lucas & Nínive Magdiel Peter Bovo
Divn't say dinnae or Dinnae say divn't?: A qualitative-quantitative approach to verbal negation in the far north of England [abstract]
Heike Pichler

To peak or not to peak: Exploring the incremention of linguistic change [abstract]
Sali Tagliamonte & Alexandra D'Arcy

10:15 am

The role of lexical frequency and phonetic context in the weakening of syllable-final lexical /s/ in the Spanish of Barranquilla, Colombia [abstract]
Richard J. File-Muriel

Like Cajun mother, like Cajun daughter: Knowing when to change [abstract]
Carole Salmon & Sylvie Dubois

10:40 am





Variation in L2

Chair: Lotfi Sayahi, S.U.N.Y. Albany


Chair: Bambi Schieffelin, New York Universisty

Real and apparent time

Chair: Mary Rose, Ohio State University

11:00 am

"Identity [iz] a d[i]fficult question": A variationist analysis of relationship between L1 features [abstract]
Natalia Jacobsen
Linguistic mythbusting: The role of the media in diffusing change [abstract]
Nathalie Dion & Shana Poplack

'Short-term real time' study of change: A heterogeneous picture [abstract]
Maria Eugenia Lamoglia Duarte & Maria da Conceição A. de Paiva

11:25 am

Think or sink: Chinese learners' acquisition of English voiceless interdental fricative [abstract]
D. Victoria Rau, Hui-Huan Ann Chang & Elaine E. Tarone
Localized globalization: A multi-local, multivariate investigation of quotative be like [abstract]
Isabelle Buchstaller & Alexandra D'Arcy

Acquisition of prestige forms: The changing role of gender and education [abstract]
Anthony Julius Naro & Maria Marta Pereira Scherre

11:50 am

A multidimensional investigation of the acquisition of sC onset clusters in second language phonology: A variationist approach [abstract]
Walcir Cardoso, Leif French & Paul John
This is me/this is him: The quotative system of London adolescents [abstract]
Jenny Cheshire & Sue Fox

Linguistic parallelism: A real-time study [abstract]
Maria Marta Pereira Scherre & Anthony Julius Naro

12:15 pm

Expressing tense and aspect: The case of adult Chinese-Spanish bilinguals in Ecuador [abstract]
Hsiao-Ping Biehl

Quotative variation in London English: Evidence from preadolescent speakers [abstract]
Stephen Levey

On the fringes of the Inland North: Aspects of the NCS in real and apparent time [abstract]
Brian José

12:40 pm





Appalachian and Southern U.S. English

Chair: Crawford Feagin

Languages in contact and creoles

Chair: Shelome Gooden, University of Pittsburgh

Language attitudes and style

Chair: Marilyn Merritt, George Washington University

1:45 pm

The Southern Shift in a marginally Southern dialect [abstract]
Maciej Baranowski
Contrasting patterns of change in a majority versus minority French-speaking community [abstract]
Raymond Mougeon, Terry Nadasdi & Katherine Rehner
Operationalizing the measurement of style in language variation [abstract]
Jennifer Renn & J. Michael Terry

2:10 pm

Ungliding and the Status of /ay/ in Kentucky English [abstract]
Terry Lynn Irons
The demographics of Creole formation in Hawaii [abstract]
Sarah J. Roberts

What did you think she'd say? Expectations and sociolinguistic perception [abstract]
Kathryn Campbell-Kibler

2:35 pm

Do we believe what they perceive? What speech perception reveals about a Southern "unmerger" in progress [abstract]
Chris Koops, Elizabeth Gentry & Andrew Pantos
Syntactic vs. intonational focus in Papiamentu [abstract]
Tara Sanchez

The role of dialectal variation in health communication [abstract]
Susan Tamasi

3:00 pm

An empirical view of varieties of English in Appalachia [abstract]
Kirk Hazen & Ashley Wise
Shedding light on substrate transfer: Comparing linguistic constraints in Vanuatu [abstract]
Miriam Meyerhoff

Social categories, social practice and linguistic variation in an urban school: Combining variationism, ethnography, and languate attitude research [abstract]
Marie Maegaard

3:25 pm





Speech perception

Chair: Nancy Niedzielski, Rice University

Issues in language contact

Chair: Michol Hoffman, York University

Effects of dialect standardization

Chair: Hans Van de Velde, University of Utrecht

3:45 pm

Cue switching in the perception of approximants: Evidence from two English dialects [abstract]
Christina Villafaña Dalcher, Mark J. Jones & Rachael-Anne Knight

When will immersion students sound like native speakers of French? An assessment of the socio-stylistic competence in FSL of former immersion students in university [abstract]
Françoise Mougeon & Katherine Rehner

The effects of urbanization and social orientation: Locally salient variables as indicators of linguistic change [abstract]
Becky Childs, Gerard Van Herk & Jennifer Thorburn

4:10 pm

Social networks and the perceptual relevance of rhythm in Maori English: A New Zealand case study [abstract]
Anita Szakay

On était comme, 'We think like may be a COMP too' [abstract]
Hélène Blondeau, Naomi Nagy & Jim Wood
Good-bye to regional variation? The case of Denmark [abstract]
Tore Kristiansen

4:35 pm

Cross-dialectal perceptual experiences by speech-language pathologists [abstract]
Gregory C. Robinson & Ida J. Stockman
/u/ fronting and /t/ aspiration in Maori and New Zealand English [abstract]
Margaret Maclagan, Catherine Watson, Ray Harlow, Jeanette King & Peter Keegan

Mapping attitudes: The role of linguistic experience and ethnic bias towards "Parisian French" [abstract]
Christopher Stewart, Zsuzsanna Fagyal & Peter Golato


Cross-dialect word recognition in noise [abstract]
Cynthia Clopper & Janet Pierrehumbert

Pasifika English in New Zealand [abstract]
Allan Bell & Andy Gibson

Austrian listeners' perceptions of style-shifting: An experimental approach and socio-phonetic analysis [abstract]
Barbara Soukup & Zhaleh Feizollahi

6-8 pm

POSTER SESSION and RECEPTION (JMHH Colloquium Hall, 8th floor)

Properties of noun phrases in creole languages: a synthetic comparative exposition [abstract]
Marlyse Baptista

Listeners' attitudes and sensitivity to function: The case of two LIKEs [abstract]
Lisa Bonnici

An obvious surprise: language, gender, and sentence-final particles in Mandarin [abstract]
Patrick Callier

Variation of classifier in Si-Xien Hakka in Taiwan [abstract]
Yijun Chen

The Low Back Merger in Miami [abstract]
Jeremy Doernberger & Jacob Cerny

Variation in Finnish suffixal vowel harmony [abstract]
Liisa Duncan

Patterns of /uw/, /U/, and /ow/ fronting in Reno, Nevada [abstract]
Valerie Fridland & Toby McCrae

Diachronic changes in the position of frequency adverbials: Linguistic variation in peninsular and Latin American Spanish [abstract]
Roberto Mayoral Hernández & Asier Alcázar

Vowel dispersion as a determinant of which sex leads a sound change [abstract]
Kevin Heffernan

The variation of stress assignment in Hønefoss Norwegian [abstract]
Nanna Haug Hilton

Comparing Brazilian and European Portuguese: Segmental and prosodic features [abstract]
Yonne Leite, Dinah Callou & João Moraes

Discourse variation as a symbolic resource: Globalization, Indian outsourcing firms, and the construction of business identity [abstract]
Anup P. Mahajan

Periphrastic and morphological future forms in Bogotá Spanish: A preliminary sociolinguistic study of upper class speakers [abstract]
Dunia Catalina Méndez Vallejo

American attitudes toward six varieties of English in the USA and Britain [abstract]
Katherine Morris & Wendy Baker

The invisibility of Asian American women: Gender and dialect recognition of Asian American New Yorkers [abstract]
Michael Newman, Meichin Chang & Kimberly Chan

Modelling synchrony and entrainment for sociolinguistic variation [abstract]
Norma Mendoza-Denton

Perceived sexual orientation and attitudes toward sounding gay or straight [abstract]
Fabiana Piccolo

Mexican-American Chicago English: A case study of four speakers [abstract]
Hannah Pick

Uptalk in Southern Ontario English [abstract]
Vanessa Shokeir

¿Subir o no subir?: A look at clitic climbing in Spanish [abstract]
Sarah Sinnott & Ella Smith

Be perfect: 'Something that I'm no seen afore' [abstract]
Jennifer Smith & Mercedes Durham

The road less traveled: Indigenous minority languages and variationist sociolinguistics [abstract]
James N. Stanford

Acquisition of go copula constructions by African American children [abstract]
Ida J. Stockman

The Revolutionary we: Discursive variation in Castro's nosotros [abstract]
Maisa Taha, Megan Sheehan & Brendan O'Connor

Modelling simultaneous convergence and divergence of linguistic features between differently-identifying groups in contact [abstract]
Andrew Wedel & Heather Van Volkinburg

Language attitudes and use among Hungarians in North Carolina [abstract]
Leah White

8:30-9:30 am


8:45 am-6 pm

REGISTRATION (JMHH Locust Walk entrance)

9 am-6 pm





Rhotic and non-rhotic varieties of English

Chair: William Labov, University of Pennsylvania

Null subjects

Chair: Richard Cameron, University of Illinois at Chicago

Style in the media

Chair: Qing Zhang, University of Texas at Austin

9:00 am

Second dialect acquisition: The case of /r/ [abstract]
Christine Berger
The subject position in Brazilian Portuguese: The embedding of a syntactic change [abstract]
Silvia Regina de Oliveira Cavalcante & Maria Eugênia Lamoglia Duarte

Non-pronominal self-reference and the construction of an alternative Japanese femininity [abstract]
Sakiko Kajino & Robert J. Podesva

9:25 am

Articulatory insights into language variation and change: Preliminary findings from an ultrasound study of derhoticization in Scottish English [abstract]
Eleanor Lawson, Jane Stuart-Smith & James Scobbie
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something true: What are null subjects in French? [abstract]
Martine Leroux

"I'd better schedule an MRI": The linguistic construction of 'white' ethnicity [abstract]
Carmen Fought

9:50 am

Linking-r in Eastern Massachusetts and Optimality Theory [abstract]
Ellen Bernard, Curtis Andrus & Arto Anttila
Variable subject personal pronoun expression: The case of Colombian Costeño Spanish [abstract]
Rafael Orozco & Gregory R. Guy

Cross-racial African American Vernacular English and white masculinity in Hollywood films [abstract]
Mary Bucholtz

10:15 am

The Return of R [abstract]
Patricia Irwin & Naomi Nagy

Null subjects in English -- economically motivated? [abstract]
Susanne Wagner

On indeterminacy in the social meaning of variation [abstract]
Robert J. Podesva & Elaine Chun

10:40 am





Phonological variation

Chair: Betty Phillips, Indiana State University


Chair: Catherine Davies, University of Alabama

Phonology and language contact

Chair: Rena Torres-Cacoullos, University of New Mexico

11:00 am

Phonological variation in American Sign Language: 2 hands or 1? [abstract]
Ceil Lucas, Amber Goeke, Rebecca Briesacher & Robert Bayley
'Oh my god!': Stereotypical words at the intersection of sound, practice, and social meaning [abstract]
Elaine Chun

Palatalization, contact and the rise of a new reading style in K'iche' Mayan [abstract]
Sergio Romero

11:25 am

Doing t/d Deletion Singapore Style [abstract]
Laureen Lim
The role of discourse marker "oh" in interpreting constructed dialogue as identity work [abstract]
Anna Marie Trester

Selection of interference features in the formation of a new dialect [abstract]
Erik R. Thomas and Erin E. Callahan

11:50 am

Phonological variation in multi-dialectal Italy: Distinguishing /e/ from /ɛ/ [abstract]
Christopher Cieri
The use of DE (的) in Mandarin Chinese [abstract]
Xiaoshi Li

The prosodic rhythm of two varieties of native American English [abstract]
Elizabeth L. Coggshall

12:15 pm

The spread of raising: Opacity, lexicalization, and diffusion [abstract]
Josef Fruehwald
Exploring the discursive context of word-final /t/ and /d/ realizations [abstract]
Bridget Anderson & Daniel Carman

Ibero-Romance intonation and language contact [abstract]
Miquel Simonet

12:40 pm


12:45 pm

MEETING for past, present, and potential future hosts of NWAV




The spread of the low back merger

Chair: Rika Ito, St. Olaf's College


Chair: Jonathan Holmquist, Temple University

Language and dialect shift

Chair: John Rickford, Stanford University

1:45 pm

Why here? Why now? Sudden merger from gradual demographic change [abstract]
Daniel Johnson
The s- vs. of-genitive in standard Canadian English: Grammatical change or register change? [abstract]
Bridget Jankowski

Mid-vowels in Briançon French: Conflict between regional and national norms [abstract]
Anne Violin-Wigent

2:10 pm

Expansion or approximation: The low-back merger in Indianapolis [abstract]
Deena Fogle
Acquisition of Split-Ergativity in Kurmanji Kurdish: Variability and Language Change [abstract]
Laura Mahalingappa

Dying a slow death: Tracing the complexities of language use, loss, and persistence in the Spanish of South Texas [abstract]
Tonya E. Wolford & Phillip Carter

2:35 pm

The low-back merger in the Steel City: African American English and Pittsburgh speech [abstract]
Maeve Eberhardt
Variable propositional objects in Mexican and Peninsular Spanish [abstract]
Assela Reig Alamillo
The effect of language shift on a sound change in progress [abstract]
Maya Ravindranath

3:00 pm

A shift of allegiance: The case of Erie and the North / Midland boundary [abstract]
Keelan Evanini
Relative animacy and differential object marking in Spanish [abstract]
Ian Tippets & Scott Schwenter

The phonetic and phonological effects of moribundity [abstract]
Molly Babel

3:25 pm





Phonetic methods in the study of variation

Chair: Henrietta Cedergren, University of Québec at Montréal


Chair: Elizabeth Dayton, University of Puerto Rico

Phonetics and phonology in the media

Chair: Norma Mendoza-Denton, University of Arizona

3:45 pm

Variation in the definite article: Exploring the sociophonetics of its form and function [abstract]
Rebecca Roeder & Sali Tagliamonte
Pushing the envelope: Looking beyond the variable context in Iberian Spanish futures [abstract]
Jessi Elana Aaron
Variation in the 'Iraq' Vowel: Conservatives vs. Liberals [abstract]
Lauren Hall-Lew, Elizabeth Coppock & Rebecca Starr

4:10 pm

Using angle calculations to demonstrate vowel shifts: A diachronic investigation of FOOT-fronting in 20th-century RP (UK) [abstract]
Anne Fabricius
Pas si simple: Past temporal reference in Acadian French [abstract]
Philip Comeau & Ruth King

Martha Stewart's style: Using parody to uncover symbolic meaning of stylistic language use [abstract]
Jennifer Sclafani

4:35 pm

Undershoot in intraspeaker variation [abstract]
Robin Dodsworth, Christine Mallinson & Lykara Charters
Peering into the future: The emergence of going to in the 18th century [abstract]
Joseph Roy

Beyond audience design: Standard and dialect in broadcast political speech in Murcia, Spain [abstract]
Juan Manuel Hernández Campoy, Juan Antonio Cutillas-Espinosa & Natalie Schilling-Estes

5:00 pm

Following nasals motivate vowel shifts in Western American English [abstract]
Adam Baker, Diana Archangeli & Jeff Mielke
The future of Ontario French [abstract]
Rick Grimm & Terry Nadasdi
Don't do it, Mark! Don't kill yersel'!: Individuals, TV, and language variation and change [abstract]
Jane Stuart-Smith & Claire Timmins

5:25 pm

Forks in the road [abstract]
William Labov

7:30 pm

PLENARY ADDRESS: Age-grading and linguistic diffusion
Patricia Cukor-Avila, University of North Texas
Guy Bailey, University of Missouri at Kansas City

9:00 pm


8:30-9:30 am


8:30 am-12:30 pm


9-11 am





Influence between black and white English speakers

Chair: Walt Wolfram, North Carolina State University

Syntactic change

Chair: Maria Marta Pereira Scherre, Universidade de Brasília

Methodological and conceptual issues

Chair: Aria Adli, New York University

9:00 am

Of coconuts and kings: Accelerated change towards middle-class, elite varieties of English amongst young 'non-white' speakers in post-apartheid South Africa [abstract]
Rajend Mesthrie

From possessive to existential: Change and preservation in the history of Portuguese [abstract]
Juanito Avelar & Dinah Callou

Measuring syntactic variability in the linguistic North [abstract]
Isabelle Buchstaller, Karen Corrigan & Anders Holmberg

9:25 am

'Words, wuds, woids': Variation in BIRD realization in Southern Louisiana [abstract]
Thea Strand, Michael Wroblewski & Mark K. Good

On the change of double object constructions in Brazilian Portuguese [abstract]
Rosane Berlinck, Maria Aparecida Torres-Morais & Sonia Cyrino

Extending the use of written questionnaires: Some new variables in Canadian English [abstract]
Charles Boberg

9:50 am

Social class, convergence, and the vowel systems of Columbus, OH AA(V)E and EAE [abstract]
David Durian, Jennifer Schumacher & Melissa Reynard
Constructional variation: Innovative intransitive constructions in Japanese [abstract]
Natsuko Tsujimura

Systems theory and the description of emerging patterns of language variation [abstract]
Mary Kohn

10:15 am

Fear of a black phonology: The Northern Cities Shift as linguistic white flight [abstract]
Gerard Van Herk
From urbis to the countryside: The spreading of the new pronominal form a gente in a Brazilian rural community [abstract]
Luciana Muniz

Quantifying language degradation in Alzheimer's Disease [abstract]
Vineeta Chand & Lisa Bonnici

10:40 am





Chain shifts in North American English

Chair: Dennis Preston, Michigan State University

Syntactic variation

Chair: James Walker, York University

Gender and linguistic variation

Chair: Penelope Eckert, Stanford University

11:00 am

More on the Pittsburgh chain shift [abstract]
Scott Kiesling & Barbara Johnstone
Ethnic identity and past be configuration in the Lumbee community of Baltimore, Maryland [abstract]
Kathleen Williams

/-s/ Deletion in gay speech in São Paulo, Brazil [abstract]
Ronald Beline Mendes

11:25 am

The Canadian Shift in Toronto [abstract]
Rebecca Roeder & Lidia-Gabriela Jarmasz
Variation and alternation of second-person verbal forms in Uruguayan border Spanish: Individual representations of community trends [abstract]
Ana M. Carvalho

Language variation in Egypt: Evidence from talk shows abstract
Reem Bassiouney

11:50 am

The [+spread] of the Northern Cities Shift [abstract]
Tivoli Majors & Matthew J. Gordon
The effect of geographical and linguistic isolation: Stative possessives in Quebec City English [abstract]
Yukiko Yoshizumi

National discord: Language style and the politics of sexuality in Israel [abstract]
Erez Levon

12:15 pm

Variation in clitic negation patterns in Yorkshire English: Evidence for supra-localism and diffusion [abstract]
Hazel Steele & Kate Whisker

Regression as a referee: A theoretical and practical way out of the syntactic-variation impasse in sociolinguistics [abstract]
Stefan Grondelaers & Dirk Speelman

Why women lead: Factors influencing advancement in the NCS [abstract]
Steve L. Johnson III

NWAV 36 | October 11-14, 2007 | University of Pennsylvania |