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FRIDAY, March 28, 2014

2:00 - 4:30 PM

REGISTRATION (Cohen Hall Lobby)

Special Panel: The Interface of Linguistics and Language Technology
Moderator: Mark Liberman
Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

2:25 PM

Benjamin Van Durme
Johns Hopkins University,
Departments of Computer Science and Cognitive Science, and the Center for Language and Speech Processing

Reconsidering the Semantic Role(s) of Predicate Arguments

2:50 PM

Su-Youn Yoon
NLP and Speech Group, Educational Testing Service

Development of an Automated Speech Scoring System Based on Linguistics

3:15 PM

First question period

3:40 PM

Coffee break

4:05 PM

Emily Tucker Prud’hommeaux
University of Rochester,
Departments of Computer Science and Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Speech and language technology for neuropsychological evaluation

4:30 PM

Mitch Marcus
University of Pennsylvania,
Department of Computer Science

Code switching: A new tool for corpus collection and its application

4:55 PM

Second question period

5:30-7:30 PM

Reception Cohen Hall Lobby

SATURDAY, March 29, 2014

8:30 AM -7:00 PM


8:30 AM


SESSION 1A: Syntax I
Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

SESSION 1B: Phonology
Cohen Hall Terrace Room

9:15 AM

Parallel extended domains of A and N
Aida Talić,
University of Connecticut [abstract]

A Constraint-Shifting Account of Loanword Adaptation: Evidence from the Early Stages of Dissemination
Zachary Jaggers, New York University

9:40 AM

Non-Constituent Coordination: Prosody, Not Movement
Benjamin Bruening, University of Delaware

A prosodic approach to the polysynthetic word
Taylor Miller,
University of Delaware [abstract]

10:05 AM

The Subject Position in Spanish Nominalized Infinitives
Marcus Berger,
University of Michigan [abstract]

Truncation in Lardil: A Maximal Length Restriction
Hope McManus,
Rutgers University [abstract]

10:30 AM

On Imperative Subjects in English
Jaehoon Choi,
University of Arizona [abstract]

Is there stress in Indonesian?
Angeliki Athanasopolou, Nadya Pincus, and Irene Vogel, University of Delaware

10:55 AM


Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

SESSION 2B: Sociolinguistics
Cohen Hall Terrace Room

11:10 AM

Staying in shape in Norway
Bill Haddican, Queens College - CUNY, Anders Holmberg, Newcastle University, Nanna Haug Hilton, University of Groningen

Diachronic evidence for phonological reanalysis in New Zealand English [u]-fronting
Scott Seyfarth, UC San Diego and Betsy Sneller,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

11:35 AM

A configurational account of Finnish case
Ethan Poole,
University of Massachusetts Amherst [abstract]

Pathways of obsolescence: Scots /u(:)/ across borders
Shannon Mooney,
Georgetown University [abstract]

12:00 PM

External Applicatives and Raising-to-Object/ECM
John Gluckman,
UCLA [abstract]

When get got noticed: the emerging salience of get-passives
Betsy Sneller and Sabriya Fisher,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

12:25 PM

In favor of an Agree-based DOM dative in Basque (and beyond)
Ane Odria,
UPV/EHU [abstract]

Big pizzas, ghost negations: The emergence and persistence of mixed expressives
Andrea Beltrama and Jackson Lee,
University of Chicago [abstract]

12:50 PM

Intervention and clause type sensitivity in Basque
Arantzazu Elordieta, University of the Basque Country, and Bill Haddican, Queens College-CUNY

Variation of the third-person singular pronoun in Hong Kong Cantonese
Litong Chen, The Ohio State University,

1:15 pm

LUNCH AND POSTER SESSION Lunch will be provided.

Crossing over at the syntax-phonology interface
Calixto Agüero-Bautista,
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières [abstract]

Does meaning matter? Effects of Arabic morphological opacity on lexical processing in visual word recognition
Assma Al Thowaini,
University of Maryland [abstract]

On the processing of 'before'- and 'after'- clauses: Investigating asymmetries in veridicality
Amy Goodwin Davies and Guðrún Björg Gylfadóttir,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

Using variation to understand the grammar of Basque Dative Displacement
Aaron Ecay,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

How useful are Transitional Probabilities in Adult-Directed speech?
Kelly Enochson,
George Mason University [abstract]

Modeling Neutral Vowels in Mongolian
Gallagher Flinn,
University of Chicago [abstract]

Sinhala object scrambling revisited
Sujeewa Hettiarachchi,
University of Michigan [abstract]

A unified account to measure words in Mandarin: Unit phrase
Yu-Yin Hsu,
Bard College [abstract]

The internal and external syntax of nominal expressions from Latin to Romance
Rossella Iovino,
University Ca'Foscari of Venice [abstract]

Contradiction, why-question, and complex NP islands in Chinese
Dawei Jin,
State University of New York at Buffalo [abstract]

The syntax of silent prepositions in Greek
Maria Kouneli,
Yale University [abstract]

The most apt experimental investigation of English comparative and superlative formation
Nathan LaFave,
New York University [abstract]

Constructed dual in Hopi: a cyclic insertion approach
Jenny Lee,
Harvard University [abstract]

A Stress-driven Approach to the Syntax of the BA-construction in Chinese
Pengfei Li,
Boston University [abstract]

Demystifying Double-is
Teresa O'Neill,
CUNY Graduate Center [abstract]

Direct and Indirect Modification in Hocąk
Bryan Rosen,
University of Wisconsin-Madison [abstract]

The third reading of the most expensive photo of Abby
Zheng Shen,
University of Connecticut [abstract]

An impoverished account of Hungarian possessive and objective morphology
Brett Sutton,
Georgetown University [abstract]

Restitutive again with goal-PPs: A learnability perspective
Ting Xu,
University of Connecticut [abstract]

Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

SESSION 3B: Semantics I
Cohen Hall Terrace Room

2:30 PM

Long Distance Wh-Movement in Sereer
Nicholas Baier,
UC Berkeley [abstract]

Indirect scalar implicatures are neither scalar implicatures nor presuppositions (or both)
Cory Bill, Macquarie University, Jacopo Romoli, University of Ulster, Florian Schwarz University of Pennsylvania, and Stephen Crain, MacQuarie University

2:55 PM

A Non-Movement Analysis of A-not-A Questions in Mandarin Chinese
Zenghong Jia,
University of Delaware [abstract]

Reference to states and degrees across categories
Rebekah Baglini,
University of Chicago [abstract]

3:20 PM

Split Quantifiers and Countercyclic Adjunction
Marc Authier and Lisa Reed,
Penn State [abstract]

Too tough to see: from null operator movement to hidden degrees
Ruth Brillman,
MIT [abstract]

3:45 PM

The Syntax and Pragmatics of German Inalienable Possession Constructions
Vera Lee-Schoenfeld, University of Georgia, and Gabriele Diewald, Leibniz Universität

Imperatives as Underquantified Propositions
Eleni Staraki,
University of Chicago [abstract]

4:10 PM

Priming effects in language change as diagnostics of grammatical structure
Meredith Tamminga and Aaron Ecay,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

Choice Functions and the Semantics of Interrogatives
Yasuhiro Sasahira,
Osaka University of Tourism [abstract]

4:35 PM


5:30 PM -7:00 PM

The Logic Underlying Underlying Representations

John Ohala

University of California, Berkeley

Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

9:00 PM

PARTY (Information and directions will be included in the registration packet.)

SUNDAY, March 30, 2014

9:20 AM -1:25 PM


9:20 AM


SESSION 4A: Acquisition
Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

SESSION 4B: Semantics II
Cohen Hall Terrace Room

9:50 AM

Subject doubling in child French
Megan Gotowski,
UNC Chapel Hill [abstract]

Back to events: More on the logic of verbal modification
Lucas Champollion,
New York University [abstract]

10:15 AM

Categorical Nasal Vowel Acquisition in L2 French Learners
Stacy Petersen,
Georgetown University [abstract]

A Vagueness Approach to the Mass/Count Distinction
Haitao Cai,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

10:40 AM

On the Role of Modality in the Semantics of Root Infinitives in Child L2 English
Elena Gavruseva,
University of Iowa [abstract]

The counterfactual reading of Spanish "haber"
David Rubio Vallejo,
University of Delaware [abstract]

11:05 AM

Acquiring phonemes: Is frequency or the lexicon the primary cue?
Emily Moeng,
UNC Chapel Hill [abstract]

On the scalar semantics of the focus-associating adverb you in Mandarin Chinese
Huilin Fang,
University of Southern California [abstract]

11:30 AM

Participant structure in event perception: Towards the acquisition of implicitly 3-place predicates
Alexis Wellwood, Angela Xiaoxue He, Jeffrey Lidz and Alexander Williams,
University of Maryland - College Park [abstract]

Participant Sharing in Chinese Resultatives
Mingming Liu,
Rutgers University [abstract]

11:55 AM


SESSION 5A: Experimental
Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

SESSION 5B: Morphology
Cohen Hall Terrace Room

12:15 pm

Prosody marks different kinds of informativity: Interactions between frequency, probability, and focus
Iris Chuoying Ouyang and Elsi Kaiser,
University of Southern California [abstract]

Counting the 'don’t count' forms: allomorphy in AAVE copula
Brittany McLaughlin and Kobey Shwayder,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

12:40 PM

Interplay of syntactic parsing strategies and prosodic phrase lengths in processing Turkish sentences
Nazik Dinctopal-Deniz and Janet Dean Fodor,
Graduate Center, CUNY [abstract]

The Morphosyntax of Formality: A Typology and Incorporation in Feature Geometry
Benjamin Macaulay,
CUNY [abstract]

1:05 PM

Is subject-gap preference universal? An experimental study of cleft constructions in Japanese
Masataka Yano, Yuki Tateyama and Tsutomu Sakamoto,
Kyushu University [abstract]

Word Level Recursion in Spanish Compounds
Kobey Shwayder,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]