Charles Yang
(Ph.D. in Computer Science, MIT 2000)

Department of Linguistics, Computer Science & Psychology
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Email: charles.yangâť‚
Office: 3401 315-C
Phone: 215-898-7849

Cognitive Science Majors

The permanent contact email address for Cognitive Science matters will be Emails sent to other addresses may result in delay in reply. Office hours for Fall 2017: Monday 10-12pm, 3401 Walnut 315-C

Research & Teaching Interests
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation

Price of Productivity (2016 MIT Press) Winner of the 2017 LSA Leonard Bloomfield Award

The Infinite Gift

Knowledge and Learning in Natural Language

Some Research Papers

Recent collaborators: Bob Berwick, Johan Bolhuis, Noam Chomsky, Marie Coppola, Stephen Crain, Lila Gleitman, Susan Goldin-Meadow, Kyle Gorman, Ava Irani, Julie Anne Legate, Constantine Lignos, Mitch Marcus, Silvina Montrul, Elissa Newport, David Pesetsky, Russell Richie, William Sakas, Kathryn Schuler, Jon Stevens, John Trueswell, and Virginia Valian.