PLOTNIK10.3 is the latest version of the program, compatible with the Lion operating system (Version 4.7)/

Plotnik10.2-3 is a new version of Plotnik, re-designed to permit the vey large token files produced by forced alignment and automatic vowel measurement, and interacts with PRAAT so that one can move seamlessly from the Plotnik display to the spectral display and curssor position that the Plotnik symbol is based on. One can display a list of all words in a given phoneme, and locate all the tokens of a given word. This permits re0measurement, and on return to Plotnik, acceptance or rejection of the new value.
Download Plotnik10.3.

  Plotnik 09 features:

            Open vowel:  instead of opening a whole vowel system, open and immediately display only the vowels hilited in the Vowel List.
            Add file...   combine files by adding a new file to the current file.
            Scatter vowels:  when vowels overlap, they may be made visible by scattering at minimal distances around the original target.
           Type window:  classify vowel systems and save records according to your own typology.
           Hilite series:  specify a list of environments to be successively hilited and labeled with a single key stroke.
           Hiliting by color:  hilite vowels by complementary color in addition to black outline.
           New function keys:  hilite or hide vowels before nasals, liquids, voiceless segments, and pause.


Any number of vowel tokens can be displayed in color or black and white,
Unlimited number of tokens can be plotted.
Axes and scales adjustable. quadruple normal..
Four different means of calculating the horizontal axis can be used.
Glides can be plotted, connected with their nuclei.
Select and Hilite
Subsets of short, long, upgliding or ingliding vowels selected for display or hilitng.
Any combination of vowel sub-sets can be displayed at once.
Different styles and stresses can be plotted separately, displayed and hilited.
Following environments can be selected by manner, place, or voicing, character of onset or following syllables.
Full information can be retrieved and displayed for any individual token.
Tokens can be selectively labelled with word or other information.
Sounds can be played as tokens are selected.
Calculate Means
Means are calculated and displayed along with standard deviations.
Significance of the difference between any two means can be displayed by t-tests.
Means of any selected subset can be calculated, stored and printed.
Adapt to other languages
Can be adapted to plot the vowels of any English dialect or other language.
Vowel systems can be normalized to be displayed on a common grid.
Documentation:  Full internal and 86-page external documentation.
60-page tutorial on the use of Plotnik.
An example of a  Plotnik vowel chart .

Download Plotnik07 or Plotnik08.