Linguistics 560

]Study of the Speech Community


Instructor: William Labov

        Office: Linguistics Lab, 3810 Walnut St.

Class meetings

Wednesday 9-11
Linguistics Lab 3810 Walnut St.

Plan of the course

Final reports from previous years

2008 Group 2, Church Street:

Choosing the neighborhood: Pages 1-11
Photographs of Church Street
Aerial view of Church Street


L560F12.A01 Choosing a neighborhood

L560F12.A02 The use of public space for verbal interaction

L560F12.A03 Initial contacts

L560F12.A04 First interviews

L560F12.A05 Interviewing

L560F12.A06 Narrative

L560F12.A07 Formal methods

L560F12.A08 Style

Field methods of the Project on Linguistic Change and Variation


Interview Report Forms

Labov & Waletzky, Narrative Analysis

Labov, Narratives of Personal Experience (Cambridge Encyclopedia)


2010 Group 1, Lock Street


Sample Excel .xlsx files to convert output of handCoder.praat to Rbrul and Varbrul format with coding symbols:
To use, copy the first two lines from the "Depvar" column to the end and paste into the second line of your output file.
Then fill down with CTRL-D.



Plotnik10. To download the latest version, Plotnik10.1, with .praat files, documentation and info, click here.

Introduction to ELAN

Transcription guidelines