African Language Resource Council (ALRC)

A Joint project of the African Studies Center and

the Linguistic Data Consortium

University of Pennsylvania

  • GOALS:
  • The ALRC aims to aid in the creation and pulblication of resources for the study of African languages; dictionaries, grammars, and texts. The ALRC will raise funds, provide facilities and support, and organize publication.

  • The ALRC is supported jointly by the African Studies Center and the Linguistic Data Consortium at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • STEPS:
  • The ALRC will bring African language scholars to Penn to produce lexical databases, text corpora, and grammars. The ALRC will develop software which will be useful to scholars, students, and business people both inside and outside of Africa. The ALRC will have an advisory board made up of leading scholars of African languages from universities around the world who will serve to evaluate prospective ALRC projects.

  • The ALRC is administered by:
  • Sandra Barnes (Penn, director of the African Studies Center)

    Mark Liberman (Penn, Director of the Linguistic Data Consortium)

    Yiwola Awoyale (University of Ilorin and the LDC)

    Akin Akinlabi (Rutgers University)

    Alwiya Omar (Penn, ASC Language Coordinator)

    Moussa Bamba (Penn, LDC)

  • Currently the ALRC is developing a modern Yoruba dictionary, with approximately 100K entries as well as a Manding dictionary of four languages, including Bambara.

    We are also putting together a compilation of the orthographies of African languages so that we can establish a Unicode compatible character set for African Languages. We would appreciate any suggestions of additions to our already existing list of necessary characters.

  • We are currently focusing on West African language dictionaries and are considering the following languges: Fongbe, Akan, Nupe, Wolof, Edo, Urhobo, Igbo, Ibibio, Defaka, Izon/Ijaw, Fula, Hausa, Ewe, Susu, Emai, Mafa, Esan, Duala, Yabassi, Denya, Echie, Mende, Fon-Gbe, and Temne.

  • African Language Bulletin Board
  • Other Online Resources on African Languages:

    Kamusi - Online Swahili Dictionary

    Yamada African Language Guide

    Ethnologue - Languages of the world

    Some Yoruba Songs with annotation

    The first song is a song for a passing game, (the song talks about birds). There are picture files with f0 tracks and wave files that can be played. You can also play the whole song.

    part 1



    amanda Seidl