Linguistics 103

Language structure and verbal art

fall 2009


­Lecture Materials and Discussion Problems


date                      title

9 Sept                   Jabberwocky

9 Sept                   More Nonsense Verse

9 Sept                   Discussion Problem: Hypotheses about Shakespearean Iambic Pentameter

14 Sept                 Answers to Discussion Problem: Hypotheses about Shakespearean Iambic Pentameter

14 Sept                 Introduction to Shakespeare's meter

14 Sept                 Discussion Problem for 16 Sept: Metrical Analysis of Passages from Shakespeare

16 Sept                 Answers to Discussion Problem for 16 Sept

16 Sept                 A Phonological Approach to Meter

21 Sept                 Variations in Metrical Theory and Practice

21 Sept                 Discussion Problem for 23 Sept: Practice with metrical varation

23 Sept                 Review of Metrical Variation

23 Sept                 Introduction to Chaucer

28 Sept                 Practice with Chaucer

28 Sept                 Discussion Problem for 30 September: Analysis of a passage from Chaucer

30 Sept                 Other Meters: Trochaic, Anapestic, Dactylic and Loose Iambic

5 Oct                    Practice in Identifying Meters

5 Oct                    Discussion Problems for 7 October: Poems by Thomas Hardy

7 Oct                    Translating Dante into English

7 Oct                    Discussion for October 12: Cantos II and III of the Inferno

12 Oct                  Introduction to the Song of Roland

14 Oct                  Phonetic Transcription and Syllable Structure

21 Oct                  Rhyme: structure and history

21 Oct                  Discussion Problems for 26 Oct: Practice with Transcription, Syllables and Rhyme Analysis

26 Oct                  Imperfect Rhyme in American Blues Lyrics

28 Oct                  Imperfect Rhyme in Early Welsh Epic Poetry

2 Nov                   Parallelism and Parataxis: Hebrew and Mansi Poetry

4 Nov                   Introduction to Linguistic Pragmatics

9 Nov                   Pragmatics and Jokes

11 Nov                 Oral Culture and Oral Literature

16 Nov                 Old English Pronunciation and Meter

16 Nov                 Linguistic Methods for Dating the Composition of Beowulf

16 Nov                 Timeline of documents in Old English

18 Nov                 Traditional Considerations in Dating Beowulf

23 Nov                 Formulaic language in Homer and in Beowulf

30 Nov                 Introduction to Natural Narrative

2 Dec                   Possible Worlds and the Expression of Time

7 Dec                   Technique of Narrative Analysis

7 Dec                   Rage Narratives

9 Dec                   Sharing Time: First Graders' Narratives