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The New Nationwide War for Ethnic Studies

The past year has seen the reemergence of a new movement on college campuses across America. At more and more universities, students advocating ethnic studies are refusing to yield to the conservative statism of their administrations and are taking ACTION to make their cause and voices heard, often for the first time.

Whence comes this new surge of protests, and why is it happening now? (To be continued.)

This page is meant to be a complete, running REPORT FROM THE FRONT that will cover all the news relating to the Generation of 1995's struggle for ethnic studies across the nation. All press releases, conference announcements, and other such officially sanctioned electronic notices will be posted here. You can find coverage of protests that have already taken place and learn about the current status of ethnic studies hiring and implementation at many schools. In the future, new protests will have their own pages with information updated as frequently as possible.

All comments and feedback to this page are welcome. In addition, please pass along anything of interest relating to the nationwide movement for ethnic studies. Send it all to Ronald Kim.

Protest Flashbacks, 1995-96:

Information on RESist, the National Awareness Month for Race and Ethnic Studies, April 1996:
Last updated April 20, 1996.

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