1965-1969   Harvard University   Linguistics and Applied Mathematics    
1972 M.I.T. Linguistics M.S.
1972-1975 M.I.T. Linguistics Ph.D.

Professional Experience:

University of Pennsylvania:
  (Primary Appointment): Trustee Professor of Phonetics, Department of Linguistics: 1990-2010
                                         Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Linguistics: 2010-present
  (Secondary Appointment): Professor, Department of Computer and Information Science: 1992-present
 Member, Psychology Graduate Group
 Distinguished Research Fellow, Annenberg Public Policy Center
 Faculty Director, Ware College House: 2001-present
 Faculty Director, College Houses and Academic Services: 2006-2013
 Director, Institute for Research in Cognitive Science: 2001-2006
 Director, Linguistic Data Consortium: 1992-present

Head, Linguistics Research Department, AT&T Bell Laboratories: 1987-1990
Visiting Assistant Professor, M.I.T.: 1978
Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Laboratories: 1975-1987

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Fellow, Linguistic Society of America

Other Experience: U.S. Army, 1969-1972

Research Interests:

Corpus-based phonetics; speech and language technology; clinical applications of linguistic analysis; the phonology and phonetics of lexical tone, and its relationship to intonation; gestural, prosodic, morphological and syntactic ways of marking focus, and their use in discourse; formal models for linguistic annotation; information retrieval and information extraction from text; the organization of spoken communication in the human brain, especially in relation to the evolutionary substrates for speech and language, and to analogous systems in other animals; agent-based models of language evolution and learning.

Teaching at Penn:

LING001: Introduction to Linguistics
LING005: First-year Seminar -- "The Landscape of Research and Innovation at Penn"
LING052: First-year Seminar -- Big Data in Linguistics
LING052: First-year Seminar -- "Digital Science and Scholarship: Exploring Speech and Language"
COGS 501-502: Mathematical Foundations of Language and Communication Sciences
LING525/CIS558: Computer Analysis and Modeling of Biological Signals and Systems
LING520-521: Phonetics I-II
LING620: Research Topics in Clinical Linguistics
LING502/202: Field Linguistics
COGS001: Introduction to Cognitive Science
COLL002: Biology, Language and Culture
HUM100: Human Nature

Selected Professional Activies (current and past):

Director, Linguistic Data Consortium (1992-present).
Co-Editor, Annual Review of Linguistics (2014-present).
Editorial Advisory Boards: Cognition; Computer Speech and Language; Speech Communication; International Journal of Corpus Linguistics; Linguistics and Language Technology.
Executive Committee, Linguistic Society of America.
Chair, International Coordinating Committee on Speech Databases and Assessment (COCOSDA).
DARPA TIDES Advisory Committee.
U.S. Dictionaries Advisory Board, Oxford University Press.

Weblog: Language Log



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Manuscripts and submitted papers:

"Featurizing Text: Converting Text into Predictors for Regression Analysis", with Dean Foster and Robert Stine (draft 10/18/2013)
"Development of pitch contrast and Seoul Korean intonation: A corpus study", with Sunhye Cho and Yong-cheol Lee.
"Comparison of Category and Letter Fluency Tasks Through Automated Analysis", with Carmen Gonzalez-Recober, Naomi Nevler, Sanjana Shellikeri, Katheryn Cousins, Emma Rhodes, Murray Grossman, & Sunghye Cho.

Some Grants over the years:

Mining a Year of Speech, sponsors NSF and JISC (award amount $100,000 to Penn and £100,000 to Oxford), January 2010-March 2011, with Jiahong Yuan and Chris Cieri (Penn) and John Coleman (Oxford). See "Mining Years and Years of Speech: Final Report of the Digging into Data project 'Mining a Year of Speech'", 2011.

New tools and methods for very-large-scale phonetics research, sponsor NSF (award amount $450,000), June 2010-May 2013, with Jiahong Yuan (Penn), Susan Davidson (Penn) and Andreas Stolcke (SRI/Berkeley).

Language Preservation 2.0: Crowdsourcing Oral Language Documentation using Mobile Devices, sponsor NSF (award amount $101,501), June 2012-May 2014, with Steven Bird.

SIREN-IL: Specialized Intra/Interlingual Resources for Emergent News - Incident Languages (LORELEI), sponsor DARPA, (award amount $12,234,739), 8/5/2015-12/31/2019.

Sonic Viper, sponsor Maryland Procurement Office, 9/30/2015-3/31/2020, (Award amount $7,154,487; "Create linguistic corpora to foster innovative ideas and techniques in the HLT research community at large").

NIEUW: Novel Incentives and Workflows in Linguistic Data Collection and Annotation, sponsor NSF (award amount $1,218,465), July 2017 to June 2023, with Chris Cieri and Chris Callison-Burch.

CAIRO-MS: Conflicting Account Information Resources in Omnivorous Media Streams, sponsor DARPA (award amount $4,159,847) 12/13/2017-6/13/2022.

Automated Speech Analysis in FTD Spectrum Disorders, sponsor DoD/USAMRDC (award amount $1,945,670), 06/01/2020-05/31/2023, with Penn Frontotemporal Degeneration Center.

Annotated Data for the Investigation of Facets of Personality (AnnoDIFP), (award amount $1,163,265.50), subcontract to Florida Institute of Technology, 8/6/18-8/15/2024.

Voice Biomarkers, Roche Pharmaceuticals, (award amount $226,387.00), 10/15/19-2/1/2023 (extended due to pandemic).

Digitizing Human Vocal Interaction to Understand and Diagnose Autism, NIH (award amount $682,099.00), 6/1/20-5/31/2023.


Linguistics, Language and the Public Award, by the Linguistic Society of America, "given for a body of work that has had a demonstrable impact on the public awareness of language and/or linguistics", to Language Log 2009

Antonio Zampolli Prize, by the European Language Resources Association, "awarded to individuals whose work lies within the areas of Language Resources and Language Technology Evaluation with acknowledged outstanding contributions", 2010.

IEEE James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award, "For pioneering contributions and continued leadership in robust, replicable, and data-driven speech and language science and engineering", 2017.