Recordings from Route 66

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Speakers from North of Springfield

  • Will from Shirley, IL
  • Autumn from Lincoln, IL

    Speakers from Springfield

    • Barb from Springfield, IL
    • Pat from Springfield, IL

    Speakers from South of Springfield

    • Anne from Staunton, IL
    • Karen from Edwardsville, IL
    • Walt from St. Louis, MO

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    Goal of the Study

    We are talking to people about how Americans communicate with each other. People across the country are talking to each other more and more, and at the same time we know that local accents are getting more different, in spite of the fact that we all watch the same TV programs. We want to find out how people talk in each region of the country and whether local ways of talking are changing in any way. Examples of some questions asked, although they wouldn't necessarily be asked by each interviewer.

    How to Participate

    Are you from the area along I-55 between Chicago and St. Louis? Then add telsur.friedman as a skype contact or email If you're not from the area, please forward this page or this email onto people who are from the area. A conversation would be very short and not intrusive. We encourage people to only answer questions they feel comfortable with and no names will be used. Thanks for helping out!

    Lead interviewer: Lauren Friedman
    Facebook page: Route 66 Study
    Email at lfri{at}ling{dot}upenn{dot}edu