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Please use the message board

If you have a general question (e.g. about the etymology of a word, or about something having to do with the project), it's better if you post it to the Message Board. Other people might be interested in the question and the answer.

I (Sean Crist) check the board regularly. If I know the answer and can give it without having to do a lot of research, I'll give it. If I don't know the answer, somebody else might, so your chances of getting an answer are better if you use the message board.


If you to reach me personally, it's OK to use my email address. For example, maybe you find linguists to be really sexy people, and you want to ask me for a date. (Joke-- I'm already taken.)

In an attempt to make my address less accessible to spammers, I have drawn my email address in an image file. Since this isn't text, you'll need to type it in by hand:


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