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Trees© Site License Purchase Instructions

A non-expiring departmental site license for Trees costs US$500 plus handling costs. To purchase such a license:

  1. Please read the site license agreement.
  2. If you have any concerns about its terms, contact trees at
  3. Download the site license using the "Save As ..." option in your web browser.
  4. Open the site license page in a word processing program.
  5. Fill in your name and organization and save the file as text.
  6. Mail the filled out license as an attachment to trees at
  7. When we email you an acknowledgement of the license agreement, you may purchase the program package by credit card, check or wire transfer through the global internet reseller Kagi®.
  8. Once we receive notification of payment from Kagi, we will send you by email instructions for downloading the Trees site license program package.

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