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Amount quantification, referentiality, and long wh- movement (1989)

Asymmetries in long-distance exraction in a Tree Adjoining Grammar (1989)

Bare infinitives and external arguments – Kroch, Santorini & Heycock (1988)

Comments on "Syntax Shindig" papers (1997)

The derived constituent structure of the West Germanic verb-raising construction – Kroch and Santorini (1991)

Dialect and Style in the Speech of Upper Class Philadelphia (1994)

Function and Grammar in the History of English Periphrastic do (1989)

Generalized Transformations and the Theory of Grammar – Frank & Kroch (1993)

Grammatical Ideology and its Effect on Speech – Kroch & Small (1978)

Inversion and Equation in Copular Sentences – Heycock & Kroch (1997)

Lexical and Inferred Meanings for Some Time Adverbs (1972)

The Licensing of CP-recursion and its Relevance to the Germanic Verb-Second Phenomenon – Iatridou & Kroch (1992)

The Linguistic Relevance of Tree Adjoining Grammar – Kroch & Joshi (1985)

The Middle English Verb-Second Constraint: A Case Study in Language Contact and Language Change – Kroch, Taylor & Ringe (1995)

Modeling Language Change and Language Acquisition (2005)

Morphosyntactic Variation (1994)

Nominal Structures and Structural Recursion – Frank & Kroch (1994)

On the Role of Resumptive Pronouns in Amnestying Island Constraint Violations (1981)

The Penn Parsed Corpus of Modern British English: First Parsing Results and Analysis – Kulick, Kroch & Santorini (2014)

Pseudocleft Connectivity: Implications for the LF Interface Level – Heycock & Kroch (1996)

A Quantitative Study of the Syntax of Speech and Writing – Kroch & Hindle (1982)

Reflexes of grammar in patterns of language change – Kroch (1989)

Remarks on the XV/VX alternation in Early Middle English – Kroch & Taylor (1994)

The rise of do-support in English: implications for clause structure – Han & Kroch (2000)

Syntactic Change (1999)

Topic, Focus and Syntactic Representations – Heycock & Kroch (2002)

Toward a Theory of Social Dialect Variation (1978)

Understanding do (1982)

Verb Movement in Old and Middle English: Dialect Variation and Language Contact – Kroch & Taylor (1995)

Verb Movement and the Status of Subjects: Implications for the Theory of Licensing – Heycock & Kroch (1993)

Verb-Object Order in Early Middle English – Kroch & Taylor (2000)