An earlier version of this paper was presented at the International Conference on Historical Linguistics at UCLA in August 1993 and appeared in the University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics, volume 1. The work reported here was supported by a research grant from the NSF (BNS 89-19701), with supplementary support from the University of Pennsylvania Research Foundation and the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science. We would especially like to thank Donald Ringe for numerous helpful suggestions and for help in the interpretation of various Old English and Latin documents. We are also indebted to Robin Clark, Caroline Heycock, Jack Hoeksema, Sabine Iatridou, Ans van Kemenade, Susan Pintzuk, Bernhard Rohrbacher, Beatrice Santorini, and an anonymous reviewer for their helpful comments on various aspects of this paper. We have not in every case been able to do justice to their observations and suggestions, but they have materially improved the work.

Anthony Kroch
Wed Jan 10 09:14:48 EST 1996