What I do

My research interests lie primarily in the areas of phonetic and phonological variation. Assuming that language cannot change or vary in a way that violates its own structure, then studying the way in which it does change and vary can be informative of its structure.

Scripts, Squibs, Tech Writeups, and Works in Progress

Analysis Methods

SS-ANOVA PDF; Rnw (LaTeX + R Source)

Praat Scripts

Vowel Logging System
Formant Track Extractor


Mapping Scripts

Papers and Presentations


To appear Redevelopment of a Morphological Class
Penn Working Papers in Linguistics
2011 Presented at PLC 35 Handout:PDF
To appear with Jonathan Gress-Wright and Joel Wallenberg
Phonological Rule Change: The Constant Rate Effect, PDF
Proceedings NELS 40
Presented at NELS 40, 2009
2011 with Kyle Gorman
Cross Derivational Feeding is Epiphenomenal
Studies in the Linguistic Sciences
2010 Presented at NAPhC 6
2008 The spread of raising: Opacity, lexicalization, and diffusion
Penn Working Papers in Linguistics 14.2
Presented at NWAV 36, 2008
2007 The Spread of Raising: Opacity, lexicalization, and diffusion
Undergraduate Thesis link


2011 Using Speech Community Data as Phonological Evidence
Invited talk at The Penn State Center for Language Science Slides:PDF
Poster presented at NELS 42 Poster: PDF
2011 The Phonological Aspect of Phonetic Change
Paper Presented at NWAV 40 Handout:PDF
2011 with Laurel MacKenzie
New results from hierarchical models of the community grammar
Paper Presented at NWAV 40 Handout:PDF
2011 Phonetic Change and Phonology
Paper Presented at MFM 19 Handout:PDF
2010 Mergers, Distinctions, and Shifts
Poster Presented at the NSF IGERT 2010 Project Meeting PDF
2010 Vowel Shifts and the Phonology Phonetics Interface
Presented at NAPhC 6 Handout: PDF
2009 Report from the R Study Group: What I couldn't have done otherwise
Presented at Splunch
Handout:PDF; R Code
2008 Evaluation and simulation of exemplar theoretic -t/-d deletion
Presented at NWAV 37


Spring 2011Ling 102: Intro to SociolinguisticsTeaching Assistant


2007NWAV 37 Committee Member
2008-2009PLC 33 Committee Member
2009-2010 PLC 34 Co-Chair
Language Variation and Change Reviewer
2010-2011 PLC 35 Committee Member
2010RA: FAAV Project
2011Penn Linguistics Club: President
Penn Working Papers in Linguistics: Volume Editor


Splunch Weekly speech and phonetics lunch

R Open source statistical package. I'll post some of my more useful R-scripts here eventually.