John Bell's Home Page

Welcome to my home page.

Here is a picture of me and BF Skinner.
As you can see, he truly was larger than life.
This picture was taken at
the University of Akron's archives.

I graduated in December 2006 with a Master's degree from the Linguistics department at the University of Pennsylvania.

I received an MSE degree from the department of Computer Science in December 2001.

My primary interests are in phonetics and theoretical phonology, including segment inventories, prosody, the "constraints vs. derivations" debate, and most particularly lexical tone.

Here are the webpages of some friends of mine:

Anoop has graduated from Penn's CIS department, doing work on statistical parsing.
He has an excellent collection of links.

Chung-hye is now teaching linguistics in Vancouver at Simon Fraser University.
She could do worse in terms of location, eh?

I can be reached at jmbell AT

some internet sites I find interesting:

Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo

Steve Clemons's Washington Note

Kevin Drum's Washington Monthly

The Cunning Realist -- conservative, but even less stupid than belgravia dispatch

Pharyngula -- biology and atheism

Raw Story -- a refreshing alternative to fox "news"

Belgravia Dispatch -- conservative, but not stupid

Hullabaloo -- leftish political outrage

Crooked Timber -- academics' blog, mostly economists, historians, and philosophers

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