Jana E. Beck

5th year Ph.D. Student

in the Department of Linguistics

at the University of Pennsylvania


My primary research interest is syntactic change across the history of Greek, from Homeric Greek through Modern Greek, but with a focus on change from Homeric Greek through the Greek of the New Testament. My interest in syntactic change over the history of Greek stems from a broader interest in language variation and change, including quantitative modeling of language variation and change and the consideration of the implications of patterns of language variation and change for broader theoretical questions in linguistics.

My other interests include the historical semantics of Greek and theoretical morphology, with a particular focus on Greek and Hungarian verbal morphologies and the theory of Distributed Morphology.

My advisor is Tony Kroch.

Conference Handouts

Penn Parsed Corpora of Historical Greek (PPCHiG)

I am currently in the process of constructing syntactically annotated corpora of various stages of the Greek language, modeled after the Penn Parsed Corpora of Historical English and utilizing text files from the Perseus Digital Library, which are licensed under a Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0 license. These corpora will be publically available (eventually) and searchable using CorpusSearch.

More information about the corpora is available at this page.

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