Kashaya Increments

(For information about individual Kashaya sounds, see this page.)

Kashaya has a common pattern where a consonant is preceded by either h or ʔ and this is called an increment. The plain stops can be preceded by either one of these increments. (These patterns always occur between two vowels, so that's how they're presented here.)


On the other hand, an aspirated stop can only be preceded by h.


And an ejective is only preceded by ʔ.


Plain fricatives (s-like sounds) are preceded by h and the ejective fricative by ʔ.


Like the plain stops, the sonorants can occur with either increment.


The glottal consonants h ʔ don't occur with increments, since they are already those sounds.

(See other language resources prepared by Gene Buckley. These sound files record the voice of Otis Parrish, who patiently pronounced each example.)