U - u

ugly piškudu
· škudu*
uh huh hũʔhũ
ulva, sea lettuce sʼihtaṭʰono
um, well ʔin
umbilical cord ʔohqo
umbrella pišom
unable naʔbayʔdu
unaffected by falling object dilaya*
Uncle Will Sheard said this hayu·ša
Uncle! cu·sʼe
uncover by pounding pʰacʼo·*
uncurl hair in water sikel*
under ʔiyow
under birth restrictions qawiʔlayʔ
under puberty restrictions ʔamaṭi
under the fire ʔoho yow
Under the Mountain dono yow
undercut by water seʔpʼeṭʼ*
Undersea people ʔahqʰa yow ʔbakʰe
undershirt kamise·te
· ʔiyow ʔbakʰe ciwalaw
underside of tongue ha·bayow
understand baʔya·q*
understand (pl) bayataq*
underwear koton
uneven coyot*
· coyoʔ
unexpectedly pʰiʔtʼan
unimportant cale·l
universally respected hikʼocʼaʔyaw
university ʔama weyahca
unk. plant paši qʰale
unloose hṭʰa*
unloose with a knife cahṭʰa*
unloose with the hand dahṭʰa*
unlucky baʔcʼal
· pʰaʔša
unmarried kʼawada
unmarried young person kʼu·lay
unowned cale·l
unripe sʼamoṭ
unseen animate being produce a faint sign kʼut*
unseen being to produce a one short faint sign of its presence hikʼut*
unsettled ʔama kʰunu·q
unsling (bow) duhludicʼ*
untruthful haṭʰkʼo
unwind hṭʰa*
· hṭʰahṭʰa*
unwind by spinning mihṭʰahṭʰa*
unwind by striking pihṭʰahṭʰa*
unwind with a massive object cuhṭʰahṭʰa*
unwind with the fingers duhṭʰahṭʰa*
unwind with words bahṭʰahṭʰa*
up -ibic
· qali·
up hence -aqac
up hither -aloq
up off ground dahkam
up out -aloqocʼ
up river biʔdamaʔ
uphill, upstream dono·
upper body wiša šiʔba
upper ribs šiʔdohca misaʔ
upper room wišahcaw
upright object to come to a tilt dikʼa·nci*
uproot cʼoqʰo·t*
uproot by pulling šuṭi*
uproot one with hands daqʰo·c*
uproot one. ṭic*
uproot several qʰoṭ*
uproot with foot maqʰoṭ*
uproot with hands daqʰoṭ*
uproot with snout baqʰoṭ*
uproot with the body hiqʰoṭ*
uproot with water siṭi*
uprooted by stream of water cuṭi*
upside down ʔama·lhqʰac
upstairs qalihca
upstream donol
· dono·lhqʰac
upward qali·lhqʰac*
upwards wiša·lil
urge baʔdim*
urinate sʼoʔotic
urine sʼoʔot
use fingers to make pointed dusʼuy*
use side of long object to hold something against pʰiʔtʼenh*
use up water kʼoma·tad*
· kʼo·m*
use voice basi·ṭ*
used of clear voice which sings true tolotolow
used to and good at kicking ball haʔne·cicʼ*
used to bed diʔne·cicʼ*
used to liquid taste siʔne·cicʼ*
used to noise baʔne·cicʼ*
usual place mo·wi
utter sound cahno*
uvula šukʰenʔ cale·