O - o

o'clock šoʔkʼow
oak ball polo·ša
oar qʰabalha
oat muhca qʰale
obedient (person) ma·nsu
obey rule, abstain hqal*
· hqalad*
obey, mind ʔihmi baʔtʼa
OBJ -el
· -to
· =ʔel
object stiffen muʔcʼa*
object to be making sound of cʰalal cʰala*
obscene word beʔcʼa cahno
observant ʔama pʰimiwʔtʰin
observe closely pimhmic*
obstruct hce*
· hcec*
· hcecad*
obstruct by flowing cuhce*
obstruct falling dihce*
obstruct or become obstructed repeatedly hcehcec*
obstruct speaking bahce*
obstruct with the side of long object pihce*
obstruction pihcec*
occupit cʰa·ya
ocean qʰamosʼ
ocean eel sʼaqa·
ocean wave splashing dasʼam*
October kʰusʼuʔqʼala·ša
octopus pihšil
of =ʔkʰe
of all ṭʼi·ma·
of deep wrinkles on face pʰiʔsʼo
of face, long and thing pʰibe·lma
of looks of face piʔtʰuš*
of narrow projecting face pʰi·sʼulsʼu
of some kind baqʼo tʰin
of something always open-mouthed pi·cʰalcʰa
off the mark bahcil
oh cʰi
· ʔo·
Oh ʔi·n
oh my! ʔo·cʰi
oh no! ba
oh yes how
oh, yuk ʔi·
old duyamʔ
· tʼile
· ṭʰuʔul
old man tʼilekinʔ
old moon qʼalamʔ
old woman tʼilemenʔ
old, ragged floppy, of hat or typewriter cover qawatʼma*
older (sibling) bahṭʰe ʔiw yac
older brother ki*
older sister diki*
old-time skirt duʔsʼaṭi·cʼ
omit duqa·c*
on =tol
on all fours cohšo mihca wi
· dahkaṭʼ*
· hka*
· hkaṭʼ*
on all fours (of animal) šahku mihca wi
on bottom ʔiyow tow
on earth ʔama· mimaw tol
on hearing some story hə̃h
on someone's footsteps, trail qʰama winal
on that mil
on the farther side weʔe·tow
on the ground ʔama·tol
on the mark ʔama·ma·
on the north side cuhuluw
on the path hida·
on the side sisa·c
· sisa·tow
on the south side ʔahšow
on the surface wina·maw
on the tip puʔšultow
on the west side mihilu·w
on this bil
on this earth biʔama·tol
on top winaluw tow
· winatow
· wina·
on top of the fire howina·
on where or what hiʔbil
once in a while ku·yi qan
one cʼa*
· hku
one arrive hcalu*
· ma·duc*
one at a time ku·kan
one break several pʰacʼabac*
· pʰaʔcʼaba*
one broken in two diʔcʼabac*
one cloth to flap in breeze puhṭʰehṭʰe*
one come here wa·d*
one come in ma·qʷ*
one come N or W woq*
one come out woq*
one come S or E ma·qʷ*
one come up woloq*
one come up out of wolo·qocʼ*
one go wa*
one go across ma*
one go all around mulicʼ*
one go along wa·d*
one go around mul*
one go back a few steps ma·qocʼ*
one go down wala*
one go down off of wala·mecʼ*
one go far wa·duc*
one go here and there wa·nʔwad*
one go in mac*
one go N or W waq*
one go out woqocʼ*
one go out or away waq*
one go S or E mac*
one go up cohtoc*
one go up from here waqac*
one go within ma·d*
one hundred thousand kuse·ntumi·l
one leave cohtoc*
one lie down off ground mima·c*
one lie down on ground miṭi·c*
one lie off ground mima*
one lie on ground miṭi*
one more than quinary number na·ncʼa
one of the best hihcʰuhihcʰu
one person to keep shifting around biyolbiyol*
one return hqowic*
one sit down off ground cuma·c*
one sit down on ground cahci*
one sit off ground cuma*
one sit on ground ca*
one stand tʼe·tʰma*
one stand up tʼe·tibic*
one thing fall several times ṭi·m*
one thousand kumi·l
one time ku·yi
one to beg bawi*
one to blow several times pʰudu·t*
one to bother one thing datʼat*
one to dangle in wind pʰuli·t*
one to flirt with the eyes cuʔdanqa*
one to gossip hihlahla*
one to make spurt hsokʼo·t*
one to mumble miku·ṭ*
one to promise to be some place bayi*
one to stammer baʔloʔlo*
one to throw something haʔtʼe*
one who likes, does =hqal
onion qʰaʔbat
only maʔyul
· mehpʰi
Only compounded with ʔaha qohqoc*
only in one construction pʰe·m*
Only in one construction boqʰolo
Only in the following sentence cuqʰal*
Only in two compounds qʼa·qʼayʔ*
only, last kʼu·lay
ooze kala*
· kalakala*
· sʼaʔba*
· sʼaʔbasʼaʔba*
· sʼaʔbaʔba*
· sʼik*
ooze pus ṭʰotam*
· ṭʰo·*
· ṭʰo·m*
oozes soʔolam*
oozing sʼaʔba
oozing from meat soʔol
open daṭʰewad*
· daṭʰe·*
· dicʼal*
· dicʼalta*
· dihṭʰa*
· kuhla
· qahṭʰa*
open eyes piṭišci*
open eyes wide piṭi·š*
· piṭʰil*
· ṭi·š*
open mouth bicʼal*
· ha·c*
open one's eyes pʰicʼo·cʼ*
open shirt or paper pihṭʰe*
open slightly kʼal*
· kʼalta*
open slightly by itself hikʼal*
open slightly with fingers dukʼal*
open slightly with instrument cʰikʼal*
open slightly with teeth qakʼal*
open to detection or influence kʼaṭi*
open to the wind pʰukʼaṭi
open up hcec*
open with a rounded object cuhṭʰa*
open with fingers daʔba*
open with instrument cihṭʰa*
operate, perform surgery ʔaca·ʔ bahqʰolh
operation, surgery ʔaca·ʔ bahqʰolʔ
opponent cʰayʔco·
opponents in gambling qada·wi
OPT -iš
or =he·
orally to explain baʔqʼoʔdi*
orange cʼahtaʔ šiʔba
· nara·ha
orange peel mushroom duwicʼe·
order ʔdiy*
order to leave diya·duc*
ordinary soh
· šila
Oregon oak wiyi qʰale
oriole cʼahtak
other hadu·
otherwise heʔelel ʔtʰin
otter wehke
ouch ʔayʔ
ouch! ʔay
out hence -aq
· -aqocʼ
out hither -aqʷ
out of the corner of the eye huʔu·kʼeʔtow
outer layer fall off diṭʰo·*
outhouse ʔuhwahca
outrun qʼacʰma*
outside ʔuhwalhqʰac
· ʔuhwa·
outside bottom ʔiyo·tow
ovary naṭa su·le
over and over kuʔmul
overcoat kapu·ta cʼoqʰonʔ
· kapu·ta cʼoʔqʰo
overcome by gravity disʼim*
overcome with mouth basʼim*
overdo puhṭʰihṭʰi*
overdo by wetting sihṭʰihṭʰi*
overdo with round object cuhṭʰihṭʰi*
overflow cahpo*
overflow by dropping something dihpo*
overflow by stepping into mahpo*
overflowing from putting hand in dahpo*
overgrown with vegetation capa*
overhang pʰeʔcʼenh*
overheat qʼa·ṭ*
overland wiša·ma·
overlap and project pʰeʔcʼehni*
· pʰeʔcʼenh*
overloaded du·bayhciʔ
overnight qʰaʔa
overturn diʔbolh*
overturn by throwing or hitting moʔkʼolh*
owl muhṭuṭu
· šopopo
Owl clover sʼamo· huʔuy
own ne·c*
oxen we·ye
oyster mushroom šici