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My research generally involves topics at the interfaces between syntax, semantics, and pragmatics: the role and representation of information structure in the grammar, focus as an information structural vs. semantic object, the derivation of information structure-sensitive word order, and the form and meaning components of questions. I have secondary research interests in language acquisition and processing. Both strands of research are particularly informed by work on Semitic languages (Hebrew, Arabic, Amharic).

  • Intervention Effects
    (Information Structure, Pragmatics, Semantics)

  • Eilam, Aviad. 2010. Focus Intervention in Declaratives. Paper presented at the 41st Annual Meeting of the Northeast Linguistic Society (NELS), UPenn, Oct. 22-24, 2010.

    [Paper] (short version, write me for a copy of the unabridged text)

  • Eilam, Aviad. 2010. The Information Structural Basis of Focus Intervention Effects. Ms., University of Pennsylvania. (write me for a copy)

  • Eilam, Aviad. 2010. Focus Intervention Effects: Information Structure in Action. Paper presented at the 4th Workshop on Prosody, Syntax, and Information Structure (WPSI), University of Delaware, September 17, 2010.


  • Eilam, Aviad. 2009. The Absence of Intervention Effects in Amharic: Evidence for a Non-Structural Approach. Brill's Annual of Afroasiatic Languages and Linguistics 1:204-254.

    [Paper] (pre-publication version, please cite from the published version)

  • Multiple Exponence in Amharic
    (Morphosyntax, Language Acquisition, Language Change)

  • Diertani, Ariel, and Aviad Eilam. The Role of Structure in the Resolution of Amharic Multiple Exponence. Ms. in preparation.

  • Diertani, Ariel, and Aviad Eilam. 2010. How Amharic Deals with Multiple Exponence. Paper presented at the 84th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA), January 7-10, 2010.


  • The Meaning Components of Questions
    (Pragmatics, Semantics)

  • Eilam, Aviad, and Catherine Lai. 2009. Sorting Out the Implications of Questions. Paper presented at CONSOLE XVIII, Barcelona, Dec. 17-19, 2009.


  • The Acquisition of Expletive Negation
    (Language Acquisition, Semantics)

  • Eilam, Aviad, and John Trueswell. 2010. Rapid Acquisition of Expletive Negation in Modern Hebrew. Poster to be presented at the 35th Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD), Nov. 5-7, 2010.


  • Expletive Negation in Modern Hebrew

  • Eilam, Aviad. 2009. The Crosslinguistic Realization of -Ever: Evidence from Modern Hebrew. Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS) Vol. 2 , ed. Malcolm Elliott et al., 39-53. Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society.

          [Paper] (long version)

          [Paper] (short, published version)

  • Eilam, Aviad, and Tatjana Scheffler. 2006. Until and Expletive Negation in Modern Hebrew. Paper presented at the Swarthmore Workshop on Negation and Polarity, April 15-14, 2006.


  • Resumptive Pronouns in Modern Hebrew
    (Syntax, Language Acquisition, Language Change)

  • Eilam, Aviad. 2008. Beyond Regularization: The Role of Native Learners in Shaping Modern Hebrew Relative Clauses. Paper presented at Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition in North America (GALANA) 3, UConn, Sept. 4-6, 2008.




  • Franklin & Marshall College
  • Spring 2010: Hebrew 102 & 202
  • Fall 2009: Hebrew 101 & 201

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Spring 2008: Introduction to Linguistics (LING 001)
  • Fall 2007: Tutorial in Linguistics (LING 300)
  •                  Introduction to Cognitive Science (COGS 001)

  • Spring 2007: Introduction to Linguistics (LING 001)

  • Fall 2006: Introduction to Cognitive Science (COGS 001)

Any comments, suggestions or general input regarding the issues I'm interested in and have worked on are welcome. For those of you who missed it on the main page, my address is:

eilamavi {at} ling {dot} upenn {dot} edu

(the caveat regarding sweet-talking African businessmen still applies).