Welcome to the Russian Accent Survey!


The following is a set of sound clips in English, lettered A to Z. Some of the sound clips come from women who grew up speaking English and some are from women who grew up speaking Russian (none of them spoke both before age 12). All of these women currently live in the United States and are between the ages of 17 and 34. Among the native English speakers are some Philadelphians and some non-Philadelphians, and some members of these groups are children of immigrants. Among the Russian speakers are some who immigrated to Philadelphia upon arriving in the United States and some who did not.

Listen to each of the sound samples in order from A to Z, NO MORE THAN TWICE EACH. For each of the sound samples, use the number key below to answer BOTH of the questions below for EACH sound sample:

1. RUSSIAN-NESS vs. ENGLISH-NESS: How confident are you that this person grew up speaking English?

2. PHILADELPHIA-NESS: How confident are you that this speaker spent her English-speaking years in Philadelphia?

Please e-mail your responses to friesner at ling dot upenn dot edu.

Sound Clip A
Sound Clip B
Sound Clip C
Sound Clip D
Sound Clip E
Sound Clip F
Sound Clip G
Sound Clip H
Sound Clip I
Sound Clip J
Sound Clip K
Sound Clip L
Sound Clip M
Sound Clip N
Sound Clip O
Sound Clip P
Sound Clip Q
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Sound Clip S
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Sound Clip U
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Sound Clip W
Sound Clip X
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Sound Clip Z

Thank you!