Linguistic humor, Keep English verbs strong

Source: Steven Pinker. 1994. The language instinct. How the mind creates language. New York: Morrow. 139–140.

Blound by the sun

The pitcher wound up and flang the ball at the batter. The batter swang and missed. The pitcher flang the ball again and this time the batter connected. He hit a high fly right to the center fielder. The center fielder was all set to catch the ball, but at the last minute his eyes were blound by the sun and he dropped it! (Dizzy Dean)

Sally and Charley

Sally Salter, she was a young teacher who taught,
And her friend, Charley Church, was a preacher who praught;
Though his enemies called him a screecher who scraught.

His heart, when he saw her, kept sinking, and sunk;
And his eye, meeting hers, began winking, and wunk;
While she in her turn, fell to thinking, and thunk.

In secret he wanted to speak, and he spoke,
To seek with his lips what his heart long had soke,
So he managed to let the truth leak, and it loke.

The kiss he was dying to steal, then he stole;
At the feet where he wanted to kneel, then he knole;
And he said, "I feel better than ever I fole."

These verbs need to be strengthened

Subdue, subdid, subdone:
Nothing could have subdone him the way her violet eyes subdid him.

Seesaw, sawsaw, seensaw:
While the children sawsaw, the old man thought of long ago when he had seensaw.

Pay, pew, pain:
He had pain for not choosing a wife more carefully.

Ensnare, ensnore, ensnorn:
In the 60's and 70's, Sominex ads ensnore many who had never been ensnorn by ads before.

Commemoreat, commemorate, commemoreaten:
At the banquet to commemoreat Herbert Hoover, spirits were high, and by the end of the evening many other Republicans had been commemoreaten.