How to generate tagged files from parsed files

Last updated: 2 May 08

General notes:

  1. reformat.q belongs in the directory where you store your CorpusSearch queries.

  2. The remaining shell scripts mentioned below belong in the directory where you store shell scripts for manipulating corpus files. The path to this directory is referred to in the scripts by the path variable UT. Edit the path variable in the scripts as required.

  3. The instructions below assume that you are processing files on a file-by-file basis. It is also possible to use the commands below on more than one file by replacing the variable FILE.psd. For instance, using a*.psd would process all files beginning with "a"; *.psd*, all files; etc.

  4. Further, the instructions assume certain extensions. For instance, the tagged files that are generated from the parsed files with psd-to-pos have the extension .pos. The extensions can easily be modified if desired.