Abbreviations for web interface queries

For full details regarding the labels on the right-hand side, see the List of tags and empty categories in the annotation guidelines.

Red font indicate abbreviations used in the workshop.

clause:        IP-MAT|IP-SUB

direct_obj:    NP-ACC*|NP-OB1*
subject:       NP-SBJ*

empty_cat:     \**

finite_aux:    BED|BEP|DOD|DOP|HVD|HVP
finite_aux_md: BED|BEP|DOD|DOP|HVD|HVP|MD
finite_verb:   $finite_aux|VBD|VBP
finite_head:   $finite_aux_md|VBD|VBP

inf_aux:       BE|HV|MD0
inf_all:       BE|DO|HV|VB|MD0

part_aux:      BAG|BEN|HAG|HVN
part_pres:     BAG|DAG|HAG|VAG
part_perf:     BEN|DON|HVN|VBN
part_pass:     DAN|HAN|VAN

part_all:      $part_pres|$part_perf|$part_pass