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To copy a file, say something like:

cd tagging
cp /home/migration/other/MIDENG/MIDDLE-FRENCH/tagged-uncorrected/ot-genesis-08-to-14.lex .

What Who Status Comments (mostly for Beatrice)
valois-[1-6].lex Avery done 1-5 corrected, 6 simply fed through parser uncorrected, parsing all done
Perceforest, entering corrections
Perceforest, proofing Alysia, Annette in progress
Perceforest, text entry Alysia done
bayart-4.lex Beatrice
bayart-1.lex in progress
Bayart, entering corrections Annette done
Bayart, proofing Annette, Lauren done
ot-numbers-18-to-20.lex Lauren done
ot-numbers-16-to-17.lex Annette
ot-numbers-13-to-15.lex Lauren
ot-deuteronomy-08-to-11.lex Alysia done
ot-deuteronomy-04-to-07.lex Annette
ot-deuteronomy-01-to-03.lex Lauren
ot-genesis-19-to-22.lex Avery done ot-genesis-19-to-22.lex never corrected?
in any event, now parsed
ot-genesis-15-to-18.lex Alysia
ot-genesis-08-to-14.lex Annette
qlr-2.lex Sasha parsing in progress tagged with SVMTagger 15 Aug
qlr-1.lex Sasha done /home/asimo/qlr-1-corrected
End of training
TRAINING.lex (= first 5K words of Acts) Alysia, Annette, Avery, Lauren, Sasha done
(formerly ot-genesis-1-to-7.lex)
Alysia, Annette, Avery, Lauren done