List of tags

Part-of-speech (POS) tags

Aaspectual a-
ADJRadjective, comparative
ADJSadjective, superlative
ADVRadverb, comparative
ADVSadverb, superlative
ASPaspectual head
BAGBE, gerund
BEBE, bare form
BEDBE, past tense
BEIBE, imperative
BENBE, past participle
BEPBE, present tense
CONJcoordinating conjunction
DAGDO, gerund
DANDO, passive participle
DODO, bare form
DODDO, past tense
DOIDO, imperative
DONDO, past participle
DOPDO, present tense
EXexistential THERE
FORinfinitival complementizer FOR
FPfocus particle
FROMnonfinite marker FROM
FWforeign word
GANGET, passive participle
GTGET, bare form
GTDGET, past tense
GTGGET, gerund
GTIGET, imperative
GTNGET, past participle
GTPGET, present tense
HAGHAVE, gerund
HANHAVE, passive participle
HVHAVE, bare form
HVDHAVE, past tense
HVIHAVE, imperative
HVNHAVE, past participle
HVPHAVE, present tense
Ncommon noun
N$common noun, possessive
NPRproper noun
NPR$proper noun, possessive
NPRSproper noun, plural
NPRS$proper noun, possessive, plural
NScommon noun, plural
NS$common noun, plural, possessive
POSpossessive head
PRO$pronoun, possessive
Q+Ncompound quantifier
Q+N$compund quantifier, possessive
Q+NScompound quantifier, plural
QRquantifier, comparative
QSquantifier, superlative
RPadverbial particle
TOinfinitival TO
VAGordinary verb, gerund
VANordinary verb, passive participle
VBordinary verb, bare form
VBDordinary verb, past tense
VBIordinary verb, imperative
VBNordinary verb, past participle
VBPordinary verb, present tense
WADVwh- adverb
WDwh- determiner
WPROwh- pronoun
WPRO$wh- pronoun, possessive
WQindirect question complementizer
Xunknown or mysterious POS

Syntactic labels

ADJPadjective phrase
ADJXadjective phrase with shared premodifier
ADVPadverb phrase
ADVXadverb phrase with shared premodifier
CONJPconjunction phrase
CP-ADTadjunct clause
CP-ADVadverbial clause
CP-CARclause-adjoined relative clause
CP-CLFcleft clause
CP-CMPcomparative clause
CP-DEGdegree clause
CP-EOPempty operator clause
CP-EXCexclamative CP
CP-FRLfree relative clause
CP-QUE-ADVadverbial indirect question
CP-QUE-MATdirect question
CP-QUE-SUBindirect question
CP-QUE-TAGtag question
CP-RELrelative clause
CP-THTordinary complement clause
CP-TMCTOUGH movement complement
FRAGsentence fragment
INTJPinterjection phrase
IP-ABSabsolute clause
IP-ECMcomplement of ECM predicate
IP-IMPimperative clause
IP-INFordinary infinitival complement
IP-INF-PRPpurpose infinitive
IP-MATmatrix IP
IP-MAT-INVmatrix IP with subject-verb inversion
IP-MAT-RELintegrated adnominal IP-MAT
IP-PPLparticipial clause
IP-RRCreduced relative clause
IP-SUBsubordinate clause
IP-SUB-INVsubordinate IP with subject-verb inversion
NPnoun phrase
NUMPnumber phrase
NUMXnumber phrase with shared premodifier
NXnoun phrase with shared premodifier
PPprepositional phrase
QPquantifier phrase
QTPquotation phrase
VPverb phrase
WADJPwh- adjective phrase
WADVPwh- adverb phrase
WNPwh- noun phrase
WNUMPwh- number phrase
WQPwh- quantifier phrase
XXunknown or mysterious constituent

Dash tags

The following extended labels (dash tags) can modify more than one type of the POS or syntactic labels above.

-COMPcompound word
-DATEcalendar date
-GAPPINGconstituent with gapping (or elision more generally)
-MSRmeasure phrase
-OB1direct object
-OB2indirect object
-PDpersonal dative
-POSpossessive phrase
-SPRsecondary predicate
-XXXunknown function

Labels for disfluencies and parentheticals

FSfalse start
SPCHspeaker change

Labels for metalinguistic material

CODEmetalinguistic material, not in audio
IDunique sentence token identifier
LSlist item
METAmetalinguistic material, in audio