Linguistics 300, F08, Assignment 7

M 10/20

Your assignment in the first class project is to explore some question (or set of related questions) concerning the rise of do support on the basis of the parsed corpora available to you in this class. You can investigate some of the same questions as Warner 2005, go beyond his results (as described at the end of Assignment 6), or explore questions that are not directly related to the readings. The same topic can be explored by more than one student, and you are welcome to discuss the topics among yourselves, but when you write up your results, you should do so independently.


You'll be spending the next three weeks completing Assignment 6 and carrying out the research for this assignment. Please start work on the project as early as you can and send me a brief synopsis of your project (proposed topic and procedures plus any preliminary results) by F 10/10 at the latest, so that we can iron out any bugs if necessary. This is particularly important if you are exploring a topic that is not directly related to the readings.

Guidelines for written reports