Linguistics 300, F08, Assignment 12

Due date: W 12/17

Your assignment for the second class project is to explore some question (or set of related questions) concerning stress shift in the French loanwords that we have collected and analyzed up to this point (see the syllabus for a link to the most up-to-date version of the spreadsheet). The same questions can be explored by more than one student, and you are welcome to discuss the topics among yourselves, but when you write up your results, you should do so independently.

Some of you will have no difficulty coming up with questions to explore, but if you are having trouble with ideas, please don't hesitate to make an appointment to discuss your project with me or Caitlin.

Some suggestions for dealing with dates

As it stands, the spreadsheet has a column with dates of first attestation for the loanwords. These dates are only very rough estimates for when a loanword entered the language, as is evident from the fact that the dates of first attestation can differ by several decades between the second and third editions of the OED. Here are some suggestions for how to handle dates.