Linguistics 250, Assignment 6

In the grammar tool for this assignment (and probably later ones as well), if you try to adjoin some XP at an X' of the same category (say, an AdvP at Adv'), the result is completely wrong. I have not been able to fix this bug.

The workaround is to give the adjunct phrase some other provisional category. For instance, you could represent an adverb like before as if it were a pronoun (that is, of category D). Adjoin the adjunct where it belongs. That way you will have the right structure. Then use the magnifying glass and the Alt key (or Command key on a Mac) to change the category of the adjunct's spine (here, from D to Adv).

The grammar tools for the course assignments allow you to implement movement, adjunction, and combined movement and adjunction directly. You should not be implementing any of these processes by hand. You should also not need to use elementary trees not contained in the grammar tools. Let me know if you believe otherwise.

1. Please be prepared to discuss the following exercises in class (see syllabus for date).

2. Please submit a written version of your solution to the exercises and problems below.