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I am a doctoral candidate in linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania.
My research interests are in language history, phonological change, and sociolinguistics, with a focus on Arabic. My dissertation considers phonological variation in post-velar consonants in a dialect of Moroccan Arabic, and other projects explore linguistic archaism and the reasons for diglossia. My dissertation proposal is available here .

Research projects

Recent unpublished research projects include agent-based models of norm emergence in language contact using NetLogo and the role of chain shifts in maintaining isogloss bundles in Syrian dialects of Arabic . For my published articles on Arabic dialect history, Akkadian morphophonology, and archaic morphology in Old English texts, see my CV below.

I am also co-editor-in-chief of the Penn Working Papers in Linguistics and served as co-chair for the 37th annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium together with Anton Ingason .


For recent conference presentations and other relevant info, please visit my CV below.

CV (November 2016) .

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