Prepositions (includes subordinating conjunctions)

List of tags

P preposition or subordinating conjunction
Prepositions are tagged P.
on_P your_PRO$ wey_N
with_P Merlyn_NPR
to_P the_D kynge_N
of_P Tyntigayll_NPR

Prepositional A (< IN, ON)

Depending on when the reduced preposition A- (< IN, ON) fused with its complement, combinations with A- are treated as
unitary items (ABROAD, AMISS, AWAY, etc.) or as fused forms (ADAY, AFIRE, AMORROW, ANIGHT, ASIDE, ASUNDER, etc.).

The A HUNTING construction is treated as a fused form.

Items like ALIVE and ASLEEP are treated as fused forms (P+N) rather than as adjectives because they cannot appear as prenominal modifiers.

Preposition with demonstrative (FOR+TI, FOR+TAN, etc.)

A preposition may be followed by a demonstrative used either absolutely or followed by a complement clause or noun phrase (FOR +TI, FOR +TAN, FOR +TAT, IN +TAT, WI+T +TAN, etc.). The demonstrative is tagged D. If the preposition and demonstrative are cliticized, the combination is tagged P+D. See Prepositions with a demonstrative plus clause or NP.
after_P +dan_D +de_C here_PRO$ herte_N leste_VBD ,_, ic_PRO hem_PRO
fol+gede_VBD ._. '_'

be_P +tan_D +tet_C scele_N a-li+gt_VBP be_P grace_N tek+t_VBP ._.

Ach_CONJ ear_P +tenne_D +te_D biddunge_N areare_VBP ani_Q scheonde_N ._,
ear_ADV dei+ge_VBP martir_N in_P hire_PRO$ meoseise_N ._.

for_P +ti_D +tt_C +tu_PRO ne_NEG wilnest_VBP bute_FP to_TO seo_VB
mi_PRO$ wlite_N ._, ne_NEG speoke_VBI bute_FP to_P me_PRO ._.

We_PRO ben_BEP tau+gt_VAN in_P +tat_D +tat_C we_PRO seon_VBP in_P
suche_SUCH creatures_NS +te_D wonder_ADJ werkes_NS of_P vre_PRO$
Creatour_N ;_.

For+dan_P+D hie_PRO bie+d_BEP godes_NPR$ wi+derwinen_NS

For+di_P+D +dat_C ich_PRO nabbe_NEG+HVP ihafd_HVN rihte_ADJ ileaue_N

and_CONJ for+ti_P+D it_PRO es_BEP lastandar_ADJR and_CONJ sykerar_ADJR

Preposition with R-pronoun

Prepositions with R-pronouns are labelled ADV+P or WADV+P when spelled together and
exceptionally never split.
and_CONJ therewith_ADV+P he_PRO fylle_VBD in_P a_D sowne_N

and_CONJ so_ADVR muche_Q meete_N was_BED sette_VAN thereon_ADV+P

and_CONJ therein_ADV+P was_BED a_D jantillwoman_ADJ+N

Subordinating conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions (except for true
complementizers) are treated as prepositions taking a clausal complement and tagged P. See Adverbial clauses, CP complements of P for more details.
And_CONJ after_P +tat_C +tis_D Donewal_NPR was_BED $dede_ADJ ,_,
his_PRO$ sones_NS +tat_C he_PRO hade_HVD ,_, departede_VBD +te_D lande_N
bituene_P ham_PRO

and_CONJ wolde_VBD +tat_C his_PRO$ doughtres_NS were_BED mariede_VAN
or_P +tat_C he_PRO deide_VBD ._.