Texts by date

Texts in red are not included in the PPCME2.
Texts in green are included in the PPCME2 but not part of the Helsinki Corpus.

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Period MX1 (comp. date unknown, ms. date 1150-1250)

Lambeth Homilies a1225
Trinity Homilies a1225

Period M1 (1150-1250)

Kentish Homilies a1150 (c1125)
Peterborough Chronicle c1150
The Ormulum ?c1200
Lambeth Homilies a1225
Vices and Virtues a1225 (c1200)
Katherine Group
Sawles Warde
Hali Meidhad
St. Katherine
St. Juliana
St. Margaret
c1225 (?1200)
Ancrene Riwle c1230

Period M2 (1250-1350)

Proclamation of Henry III 1258
Kentish Sermons c1275
Ayenbite of Inwyt 1340
Earliest Prose Psalter c1350

Period M23 (comp. date 1250-1350, ms. date 1350-1420)

Cursor Mundi a1400 (a1325)
Aelred of Rievaulx's De Institutione Inclusarum (Vernon ms.) c1400

Period M24 (comp. date 1250-1350, ms. date 1420-1500)

Richard Rolle's Prose Treatises c1440 (a1349)
Richard Rolle's Epistles a1450 (?1348)

Period M3 (1350-1420)

John of Trevisa's Polychronicon a1387
The New Testament (Wycliffe) c1388
Purvey's General Prologue to the Bible c1388
Mirror of St. Edmund (Vernon ms.) c1390
The Parson's Tale c1390
Tale of Melibee c1390
The Equatorie of the Planets c1392
The Brut or The Chronicles of England c1400
English Wycliffite Sermons c1400
A Latin Technical Phlebotomy c1400-1425
Boethius ?a1425 (c1380)
The Old Testament (Wycliffe) a1425 (a1382)
The Cloud of Unknowing a1425 (?a1400)
Mandeville's Travels ?a1425 (c1400)
The Rule of St. Benet a1425
Treatise on the Astrolabe a1450 (c1391)
A Late Middle English Treatise on Horses a1450

Period M34 (comp. date 1350-1420, ms. date 1420-1500)

Mirror of St. Edmund (Thornton ms.) c1440 (?1350)
Dan Jon Gaytridge's Sermon c1440
Hilton's Eight Chapters on Perfection a1450 (a1396)
The Book of Vices and Virtues c1450 (c1400)
Julian of Norwich's Revelations of Divine Love c1450 (c1400)
Middle English Sermons, Royal Ms. c1450 (c1425)
Mirk's Festial a1500 (a1415)

Period MX4 (comp. date unknown, ms. date 1420-1500)

The Cyrurgie of Guy de Chauliac ?c1425
The 'Liber de Diversis Medicinis' in Thornton Ms. c1440
Metham's Days of the Moon c1450
Metham's Physiognomy c1450

Period M4 (1420-1500)

Aelred of Rievaulx's De Institutione Inclusarum (Bodley ms.) a1450
Life of St. Edmund c1450 (1438)
The Book of Margery Kempe c1450
Capgrave's Sermon c1452
Capgrave's Chronicle a1464
Malory's Morte Darthur a1470
The Commonplace Book of Robert Reynes 1470-1500
Gregory's Chronicle c1475
Caxton's Prologues and Epilogues 1477-1484
Caxton's History of Reynard the Fox 1481
Caxton's translation of the Rule of St. Benet c1490
Fitzjames' Sermo die Lune ?1495
In Die Innocencium 1497
The Siege of Jerusalem c1500