Information on cmvices1-m1

PPCME2 information

Text name Vices and Virtues
File name cmvices1-m1
Manuscript Stowe 34 (olim 240), British Library, London
Date a1225 (c1200)
Dialect East Midlands (M.L. Samuels, cited in Laing: Essex)
Genre Religious treatise
Edition Holthausen, Ferdinand. 1888. Vices and virtues. Part 1. EETS O.S. 89. London: Trübner.
Sample Exhaustive

This is the only surviving manuscript of this text; the beginning is lost. It was written by three hands with corrections by at least three other hands.

According to Hall (p. 443), "a scribe of the northern border of the South-Eastern area has turned a composition in the dialect of the Middle or Western South into his own, with occasion retention of Southern forms. After a considerable interval his version was copied with little alteration by the three scribes of the Stowe manuscript." Because of this the language of the manuscript is older than the date of the copy. Hall considers the inclusion of occasional OE forms not to indicate an OE exemplar but rather a scribe versed in the older literature.

The parse is based on Holthausen's translation.

Helsinki Corpus information

File name CMVICES1
Text identifier M1 IR RELT VICES1
Text name VICES AND V 1
Author X
Period M1
Date of original 1150-1250
Date of manuscript 1150-1250
Contemporaneity CONTEMP
Dialect EMO
Verse or prose PROSE
Text type REL TREAT
Relationship to foreign original X
Foreign original X
Relationship to spoken language WRITTEN
Sex of author X
Age of author X
Social rank of author X
Audience description X
Participant relationship X
Interaction X
Setting X
Prototypical text category INSTR REL