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Text name Richard Rolle, Epistles (Ego Dormio, The Commandment, The Form of Living)
File name cmrollep-m24
Manuscript University Library Dd. v. 64, Cambridge
Date a1450 (?1348)
Dialect Northern (Yorkshire?)
Genre Religious treatise
Edition Allen, Hope E. 1931. English writings of Richard Rolle, hermit of Hampole. Oxford: Clarendon.
Sample Exhaustive, pp. 61-119

Richard Rolle was born about 1300 at Thornton Dale near Pickering in Yorkshire. He studied at Oxford. He became a hermit and lived in solitude on the estate of Sir John Dalton. Later he moved to Richmond, not far from Ainderby. He wrote The Form of Living and Ego Dormio for Margaret Kirkby, as recluse living in Richmond. When he was nearly 50 he moved to Hampole, near Doncaster in South Yorkshire. He died September 1349.

Rolle's English works were written late in his life, probably between 1340 and his death. Although Rolle wrote much, many more works are attributed him than he was responsible for, but it is not always easy to distinguish his authentic works from those of his followers. The texts of the Prose Treatises are taken from the ms. written by Robert Thornton about 1440.

This text is not included in the Helsinki Corpus.