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PPCME2 information

Text name The Ormulum
File name cmorm-m1
Manuscript Junius 1 (SC 5113), Bodleian Library, Oxford
Date ?c1200 (C12b2)
Dialect East Midlands (Southwest Lincolnshire)
Genre Homily, poetry
Edition Holt, Robert. 1878. The Ormulum, with the notes and glossary of Dr. R.M. White. Vols. I-II. Oxford: Clarendon.
Sample Dedication, Preface, Introduction; Vol. I, pp. 1-289; Vol. II, pp. 224-271

The Ormulum is an incomplete set of metrical homilies (20,000 lines) written by Orm, a monk at the Arroaisian House of SS Peter and Paul in Bourne, South Lincolnshire (Parkes). The poem is written in extremely regular 15-syllable unrhymed iambic lines with a caesura after the 8th syllable. The title is patterned on Speculum, a then popular title for works of this sort.

This text is included in the Helsinki Corpus, but not in the PPCME1.