Information on cmmirk-m34

PPCME2 information

Text name Mirk's Festial
File name cmmirk-m34
Manuscript Gough Eccl. Top. 4, Bodleian Library, Oxford
Date a1500 (a1415)
Dialect West Midlands (Shropshire?)
Genre Sermon
Edition Erbe, Theodore. 1905. Mirk's Festial: A collection of homilies, by Johannes Mirkus (John Mirk). Part I. EETS E.S. 96. London: K. Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co.
Sample Pp. 1.4-5.36, 82.9-85.10

A free reworking of the Legenda Aurea (a sermon cycle written in Latin about 1260-1270 by Jacobus a Voragine), with many additions from the Gesta Romanorum and comments, as well as two sermons from local sources. It is a full festival sermon cycle with many narrations, much of it apparently from local oral tradition.

Helsinki Corpus information

File name CMMIRK
Text identifier M3/4 IR SERM MIRK
Text name FESTIAL
Period M3/4
Date of original 1350-1420
Date of manuscript 1420-1500
Contemporaneity NON-CONTEMP
Dialect WMO
Verse or prose PROSE
Text type SERMON
Relationship to foreign original X
Foreign original X
Relationship to spoken language X
Sex of author MALE
Age of author X
Social rank of author PROF
Audience description X
Participant relationship X
Interaction X
Setting X
Prototypical text category INSTR REL