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Text name Kentish Homilies
File name cmkentho-m1
Manuscript Cotton Vespasian D xiv, British Library, London
Date a1150 (c1125) (Laing: *C12a2-b1; Förster: sermons 43, 45, 46: C12a1)
Dialect Kentish
Genre Homily
Edition Warner, Rubie D.-N. 1917 (for 1915). Early English homilies from the twelfth-century ms. Vespasian D XIV. EETS O.S. 152. London: K. Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co. Reprinted 1971 (publisher unknown).
Sample Pp. 134-139, 140-145

Although the majority of the homilies in this collection are copied from Ælfric's Sermones catholici, the two included in this file are translations into Middle English. The first, Sermo in festis Sancti Marie uirginis, fols. 151v-157v (Warner no. 43), is a translation of a Latin sermon by Ralph d'Escures, bishop of Rochester 1108-1114 and archbishop of Canterbury 1114-1122. The second, fols. 159-163v (Warner nos. 45-46), is a translation of part of the Elucidarius attributed to Honorius of Autun. The Sermo in festis Sancti Marie uirginis is "usually considered the earliest ME document" (Clark, p. xl, fn. 1). Förster dates its composition to 1108-1122 (or 1108-1114).

These homilies are not included in the Helsinki Corpus. There is no published translation.