Information on cmgregor-m4

PPCME2 information

Text name Gregory's Chronicle
File name cmgregor-m4
Manuscript Egerton Collection in British Museum 1995 fols. 113-222
Date c1475
Dialect Southern (London)
Genre History
Edition Gairdner, James. 1876. The historical collections of a citizen of London in the fifteenth century. Camden Society, N.S. XVII. Westminster: Camden Society.
Sample Pp. 95.21-128, 138-143, 148-149, 156-239

The author of the chronicle is William Gregory of Skinners' Company and Mayor of London in 1451-1452. He was probably born between 1400 and 1410 to a Suffolk family and died in 1467.

The chronicle appears in a commonplace book, but is thought to have been put together by Gregory, rather than copied in its entirety from another source. The early entries come from other sources, but from the 19th to 30th years of the reign of Henry VI the entries were written by Gregory himself. After this point, from 1451 to 1469, the chronicle appears to have been continued by someone else. The sample covers the 21st year of Richard the II (1397) to the end of the chronicle, the 9th year of Edward the IV (1469). The sample omits non-narrative parts of the text (copies of legal documents, etc.) since their language is quite different from the narrative parts of the text, and the copies are often quite faulty.

Helsinki Corpus information

File name CMGREGOR
Text identifier M4 NN HIST CHRLOND
Author X
Period M4
Date of original 1420-1500
Date of manuscript 1420-1500
Contemporaneity CONTEMP
Dialect SL
Verse or prose PROSE
Text type HISTORY
Relationship to foreign original X
Foreign original X
Relationship to spoken language WRITTEN
Sex of author X
Age of author X
Social rank of author X
Audience description X
Participant relationship X
Interaction X
Setting X
Prototypical text category NARR NON-IMAG