Information on cmequato-m3

PPCME2 information

Text name The Equatorie of the Planets
File name cmequato-m3
Manuscript Peterhouse 75.1, Cambridge
Date c1392
Dialect East Midlands
Genre Handbook, astronomy
Edition Price, Derek J. 1955. The equatorie of the planetis. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Sample Pp. 18.1-44.39

This treatise describes the construction and use of an instrument called an equatorium planetarum, which was used for calculating the positions of the planets. It is derived from a Latin version of an unknown Arabic treatise. The Latin treatise may have been written by Simon Bredon, an astronomer at Merton College who died in 1372. Price ascribes the work to Chaucer and gives evidence that it is a Chaucer holograph, although as he notes the evidence is not conclusive. Robinson, editor of The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, was not convinced and did not include The Equatorie in his collection. Further evidence bearing on Chaucerian authorship has not been forthcoming. If not written by Chaucer, the treastise was written by a contemporary Londoner (Benson, p. xxvii).

Helsinki Corpus information

File name CMEQUATO
Text identifier M3 IS HANDA EPLANETS
Text name EPLANETS
Author X
Period M3
Date of original 1350-1420
Date of manuscript 1350-1420
Contemporaneity CONTEMP
Dialect EMO
Verse or prose PROSE
Relationship to foreign original X
Foreign original X
Relationship to spoken language WRITTEN
Sex of author X
Age of author X
Social rank of author X
Audience description NON-PROF
Participant relationship X
Interaction X
Setting X
Prototypical text category INSTR SEC